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7 questions to evaluate how 2024 will pan out for you

We’re into a new economic cycle, a new property cycle, and a new business cycle - a time when lifetime wealth will be created by some people, but unfortunately not by most.

So as we head into the second quarter of 2024 I'd like to share a series of questions designed to help you evaluate and glean the lessons and meaning of the last few months.


These questions will help you clarify your direction and your plan so that you make any needed course corrections.

And these questions will be particularly relevant considering all the changes we're experiencing in:

  1. Our property markets
  2. The economic environment
  3. Business
  4. Finance

Then I’d like to explain a little about the importance of your peer group.

Finally, I’m going to give you the opportunity to upgrade your financial outcomes and your peer group.

The Seven Questions to Evaluate Your First Quarter of 2024

  1. What was it you set out to do and accomplish in 2024?
    And now being honest with yourself, where do you stand on that?
  2. What were the deeper reasons why you set out to accomplish those goals?
    Are they still important to you? If so, are the reasons they matter still the same?
    If not, why not?
  3. Do you want to adjust your goals for the rest of the year in any meaningful way?
  4. What do you like best about what's gone on in the first quarter?
    What are you proudest of? What were your victories? What are you grateful for?
  5. What are the key lessons for you from the first three months?
    Which are the hardest for you to hear? What will you DO with these insights for the remainder of the year?
  6. Rewrite your plan of action for the rest of the year... Are there ways to redirect your energies to focus them on the things that really matter to you most?
  7. Have you shared your answers with your spouse or significant other?
    With your mastermind team? If not, get on it!
    The real power and juice in life come from our relationships with other people.

How is your peer group going?

If you want to change your outcomes, have you considered upgrading your peer group?

It’s been said that your level of wealth is likely to be the average of your 5 closest friends.

Here are the top three reasons why your peer group matters so much:

  1. Your peer group’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours are contagious.
    This impacts the way you think, your ability to spot and take advantage of opportunities, and your behaviours as you go after (or don't go after) your financial goals.
  2. Alone you are vulnerable; connected we are strong.
    We all have blind spots and limitations, but your peers can help you bridge these gaps and share resources that help you make better decisions and financial choices.
  3. It's a lot more fun to build with other people than in isolation!
    We live in a world that can be very isolating, but we are social beings. We build better when we have peers to bounce ideas off of, encourage us, and hold us accountable.

Social Success

With this background, I’d like to give you an opportunity to upgrade your financial knowledge as well as a place where you can meet other successful property investors who are looking to mastermind, share investing ideas, and help each other be more successful.

It’s all going to happen for 85 lucky property investors, business people, and entrepreneurs who chose to join the best faculty I could put together at Wealth Retreat 2024.

Come join a small group of your peers along with Dr. Andrew Wilson, Simon Kuestenmacher, Tom CorleyPete Wargent, Ken Raiss, my business coach Mark Creedon, Brett Warren, Kate Forbes,  a finance strategist, me and our faculty of finance and financial planning experts for five concentrated days focused on giving you the core financial and wealth skills you need to create true wealth.

We'll be helping you create your own private mastermind group right there at the workshop!

Just imagine...

Imagine if you had the opportunity to hang out for 5 days with Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson or Warren Buffett.

What would that mean to you?

How would you come out differently?


I haven't invited Kiyosaki, Branson, or Buffett to the Wealth Retreat, but I have invited the Australian equivalents and that's who you'll hang out with for 5 days.

What could this mean to you?

If you've ever wanted to "hang out" with me or Dr. Andrew Wilson, Simon Kuestenmacher, Mark Creedon (my business coach), Ken Raiss, or the other members of our faculty in a private setting - knowing that your life would be transformed in the process - this is your opportunity.

What It's Like to Spend Time With Authentic Individuals of This Caliber...

Sitting down with powerhouses the likes of our faculty during this unique five-day experience will be an exhilarating experience indeed.

They are all very successful in their own fields and comfortable with their achievements.

They know how to get things done.

When they set goals, things happen.

To them, most dreams are easy to accomplish.

In fact, it's what they do every day.

And it's one reason why working with mentors at this level will catapult you further and faster than virtually any other approach.

Of course, don't discount the other attendees you'll meet at this retreat.

Each year we attract top-level players who you'll meet and interact with over five empowering days.

Who knows what dreams could be hatched over lunch or as part of the day's group activities?

This will be different from any other property training you've attended.

As you can imagine, working in a private setting like this with me and my faculty is an experience that will be different from any training, seminar or workshop you've ever attended.


This is a unique opportunity - a very rare chance to work with all these great mentors together.

This experience at Wealth Retreat will be unlike any you've ever encountered.

And unlike other programs, we understandably must limit the number of participants we can work with ensuring a unique and intensely personal environment.

Just 75 people will get to participate with us at this private retreat in June.

Business Coach.

Here's the best part:

At my annual Wealth Retreat, I give you the blueprint that I have used for successfully building a multi-million dollar property portfolio. 

But it's much much, more than a property seminar – Wealth Retreat will help you design the next five years of your life and ensure that the rest of your life is the best part of your life 
development plans

Click here now and get all the details, express your interest in joining us and we'll be in contact with you to have a qualification interview with me.

This year's Wealth Retreat starts on Saturday, April 27th, and there is still a spot for you.

Just click here now and get all the details, express your interest in joining us and we'll be in contact with you to have a qualification interview with me.

Don't count yourself out

I know a number of people I have spoken with have initially thought they weren't ready to come to Wealth Retreat - they thought it was only for high-net-worth individuals.

Well... about 20% of the 75 attendees tend to be repeat attendees - coming for their second or third time.

About 20% are very high net-worth clients who already have a substantial property investment business and are already financially free.

But the balance of attendees are ordinary property investors with 2 to 8 properties who want to take their property investing to the next level.

If this sounds like you please register your interest.

I urge you to click here now and get all the details, express your interest in joining us and we'll be in contact with you to have a qualification interview with me.

About Michael is a director of Metropole Property Strategists who help their clients grow, protect and pass on their wealth through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy. He's once again been voted Australia's leading property investment adviser and one of Australia's 50 most influential Thought Leaders. His opinions are regularly featured in the media.

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