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Anticipating interest rate trends: navigating Australia’s economic landscape and property market outlook

Given the resilience in local and global economic growth over recent months – along with continued steady declines in inflation – it appears increasingly likely that a soft economic landing is probable this year. In Australia, the December quarter consumer price index had dropped to 0.6% on a quarterly basis, and to 4.1%, on an…

Navigating Australia’s rental landscape: where opportunities are as rare as hen’s teeth

In some of Australia’s most sought-after suburbs, finding a rental property is an increasingly herculean task. With a tiny fraction of properties available for rent tenants face fierce competition, driving up rental prices and exacerbating the existing rental crisis. High demand and limited supply are leaving many in a lurch. However, it’s not all doom…

Auction clearance results February 24th – Massive Auction Day but Clearance Rates Remain Positive

An unprecedented late summer rush of auctions has failed to significantly slow down buyer activity with most capitals reporting more positive results for sellers. Auction results around Australia, Saturday February 17th 2024: Capital City This Saturday Last Saturday Auctions Rate Auctions Rate Sydney 1004 73.7% 759 77.4% Melbourne 1263 68.5% 868 71.9% Brisbane 102 59.5%…

New data shows Aussies can now get into the property market earlier – but there’s a catch

The latest 2024 First-Home Buyer Report from Domain, in collaboration with digital lender Unloan, backed by Commbank, offers a deep dive into the evolving landscape for first-home buyers in Australia. This comprehensive report paints a complex picture, primarily influenced by the current surge in interest rates. Quicker savings for a deposit – but it’s not…

Sydney’s Rental Market Trends and Forecasts

Sydney’s rental market has plunged into crisis, with ultra-low vacancy rates, high rent prices, strong demand, and a rising population putting the city’s market into a pressure cooker environment. And recent data highlights that the distressing state of Sydney’s rental market has led to a bleak outlook for renters. Here’s a rundown of all the…

Is Australia set to miss its ambitious housing targets?

It’s undeniable – Australia is in dire need of more homes to combat our ongoing housing crisis. The federal government has ambitiously pledged to construct 1.2 million new homes by 2029, but given the deep-seated issues plaguing the construction industry and the escalating housing affordability crisis, this target appears increasingly challenging. A decline in building…

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