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Episode 4: Are you ready for an interest rate rise or four? | Why you must do the opposite of everyone else | 7 questions to ask before locking in on interest rates

In today’s podcast I discuss a very important topic for property investors – the future of interest rates. Do you think they are going to stay the same, fall or rise?    Would you be surprised if they went up eight times in the next two years? One expert believes that could be the case….

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20 Inspiring quotes from children’s books

Do you remember the first book you read as a child? Chances are it had more of an impact on you than you even know. There’s a lot of inspiration and wisdom in children’s book – for everyone of all ages. Here’s a look at some of the most inspiriting quotes: Source: Quotery …………………………………………………………. IF…


Melbourne named the world’s most liveable city for 7 years in a row

Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world! Now you could say I’m biased (and I am) but it’s been named the world’s most liveable city for the seventh year in a row by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability survey of 140 cities  The survey rated cities out of 100 in the areas of healthcare, education, stability, culture and…

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What investors need to know about the Law of Accumulation

I’ve found that to succeed in property, investors must understand the Law of Accumulation which states that everything great and worthwhile in life comes about as an accumulation of hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny efforts or sacrifices. This means that everything that you do, or that you fail to do, impacts on the final result you…

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Here is where the world’s 15,000 nuclear weapons are stashed [infographic]

Concerns about nuclear conflict are re-ignited around the world. You only have to open the newspaper (if anyone does that anymore) or check the news on the Internet to read of North Korea’s constant nuclear test provocation and President Trump’s fiery responses So, how many nuclear weapons are there, and where are they. Pardon the…

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Episode 3: How Many Properties Do You Need to Retire | Did you realize you are hardwired for unhappiness?

Today, I answer the frequently asked question of how many properties do I need to retire.

This just may be the wrong question because the number of properties you need before quitting your job depends on your assets value and how hard your money is working.

To become financially independent you need to build a cash machine by growing a substantial asset base of high growth properties.

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What’s the difference between borrowing capacity and affordability?

Many novice investors make a simple mistake when they first start out. And that’s because they don’t understand the difference between their borrowing capacity and their affordability.  So I’d like to clear up this issue to help investors manage their cash flow better in the future and to help them on their path to success….

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