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15 property investment lessons I learned from Covid

The naysayers and property pessimists were proven wrong. Despite prolonged lockdowns, no immigration, no international students, the threat of high unemployment, and all the negative forecasting for Australian housing markets, the value of many homes around the country grew by more than 20% – or by as much as 30% in some locations – in…

Which values children should be encouraged to learn, by country

Many of the values we prioritize as adults were instilled in us during our childhood days. They’re called our formative years for a reason—from when we’re born up until we’re about eight years old, our brains are easily molded and remain highly sensitive to external influences and environments. But depending on where you grew up, you may…

The Conveyancing Process When Buying a House [a Step-by-step Guide]

If you’re a first-time home-buyer or property investor, you might not have come across the term ‘conveyancing’ before. Likewise, terms such as unconditional, settlement, and ‘cooling-off’ period are also terms you may not be overly familiar with. And even if you’re a seasoned property investor, you would have employed a conveyancer or solicitor to assist…

Success is no accident. The most successful people in life may not always seem like they have much in common. How are The Beatles similar to Steve Jobs? Or Warren Buffett and Shane Warne? But when their traits, habits, and work ethics are distilled down, these unlikely characters share many similarities. They do the work,…

What all property investors should understand about the six stages of suburb gentrification

One of the significant changes to occur in Australian cities over the past 50 years, which has pushed up inner and middle-ring suburb property values, is gentrification. Interestingly this wasn’t caused by deliberate planning policy but resulted from a set of demographic changes that occurred in most major capital cities around the world, and especially in the inner-ring…

What will life be like when the COVID-19 crisis passes? What aspects will stay with us, and what will disappear? We’ve been thrust into a moment of rapid change, but most of us don’t like change. It makes us feel uncomfortable. We like a level of certainty about our future, health, and jobs, as well…

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