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Michael Yardney
Latest posts
Land Tax Lunacy: how state decisions are hurting property investments

In what many investors might describe as a stealthy ambush, state governments across Australia are increasingly turning to property owners to fill their fiscal gaps. While property investors might have breathed a sigh of relief when Canberra backed away from reforming negative gearing in their recent Budget, the state governments are now eyeing property owners…

50 Motivational quotes for work

The new year is a neatly appropriate time to start something great. Of course, no greatness comes without hard work, so why not set up your mind and take a look at some wise hard work motivational quotes for work? These quotes have helped many and they will definitely lighten up your mood and direct…

An Idiots Guide To Drinking Coffee [infographic]

If you’re like me you enjoy your coffee first thing in the morning. But maybe that’s not such a good thing! Science has figured out how to drink coffee for maximum benefit, and chances are you’re doing it all wrong according to this infographic from Art of Wellbeing Coffee is no longer understood to be generally…

Coffee has surprising effect on your mental health

Do you enjoy your coffee? I know I do, so I was pleased to read that moderate coffee consumption is linked to both mental and physical health. A study published in The British Medical Journal (Poole et al., 2017) shows that moderate coffee intake reduced depression risk and lower levels of Parkinson’s and dementia. I knew I was…

On today’s episode, Dr. Nicola Powell, the Chief of Research and Economics at Domain, and I want to discuss her latest Domain House Price Forecast Report, and I ask her to share her property forecasts for the financial year 2025. We’ll delve into the key findings of the report, explore regional variations in house prices,…

Today we’re going to dive into the world of wealth creation and breaking the cycle of poverty. Joining me is Tom Corley, who’s dedicated his career to understanding the behaviours that separate the rich and the poor. According to Tom’s research, only 4% of people born into poverty become rich. Now, that’s a shocking statistic….

The Essential Two-Business Model for Growing Your Property Portfolio

If you’re looking to eventually develop financial freedom by building a substantial property portfolio, it’s crucial to understand the importance of running two distinct “businesses” to ensure you attain your goal of having a significant portfolio. I’m sure you’ve heard that 92% of property investors never get past their first or second property, and there…

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