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We live in interesting times. These are times of financial and economic turmoil. With the current uncertainty and many changes on the horizon, it’s time to go back to the big picture. In today’s episode, I’ll be discussing 24 things all investors and entrepreneurs should understand about the way property investing and the economy work….

10 property forecasts for the new decade and 10 things that will stay the same

We’re already well into a  new year, in fact a new decade. And that means it’s time that little creatures come out of hibernation – they’re called forecasters and their predictions of what lies ahead of us abound. These relate to all areas but particularly property because almost anyone who owns real estate would give…

While you’re listening to this podcast, my wife and I are away on a cruise. We’re able to do that again this year because we’ve built a substantial property portfolio that gives us the lifestyle we enjoy. I’m not showing off. What I’m suggesting is you should also build a substantial asset base to give…

5 Questions That Could Change Your Life | Rich Habits Poor Habits [VIDEO]

As I’ve mentioned often in my writings and interviews, self-awareness is a prerequisite to change. So, I thought I’d put on my muse hat to help you confront the inner demons that are holding you back. Here’s 5 questions to ask yourself that will help you better understand why you are where you are: Question #1:…