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11 common property investment finance mistakes to avoid - Part 2

What are the common finance mistakes property investors make? Yesterday I outlined the first five finance mistakes to avoid when structuring your finance, whether you’re a home buyer or property investor. If you didn’t read that – please check it out here first I explained that the mortgage product you end up with can mean the…

Melbourne Market Bounces Back Hard in 2019 — Who Were the Top Performers?

The Melbourne housing market recorded a sharp turnaround over 2019 with strong market conditions prevailing over December. Weekend auction clearance rates soared over the year with December’s 75.5% result significantly higher than the record low 44.8% recorded over December 2018. Prices Now Rising Strongly. Bom-time auction clearance rates have translated into strong prices growth with…

We live in interesting times. These are times of financial and economic turmoil. With the current uncertainty and many changes on the horizon, it’s time to go back to the big picture. In today’s episode, I’ll be discussing 24 things all investors and entrepreneurs should understand about the way property investing and the economy work….

How much, on average, does it cost to build a house?

In Australia today, how much can you expect to spend when building a house? Without sounding trite, the answer to this could be summed up with that frustrating yet often accurate phrase: how long is a piece of string?! There are a number of different factors that can impact the cost of building a house,…

10 property forecasts for the new decade and 10 things that will stay the same

We’re already well into a  new year, in fact a new decade. And that means it’s time that little creatures come out of hibernation – they’re called forecasters and their predictions of what lies ahead of us abound. These relate to all areas but particularly property because almost anyone who owns real estate would give…

Sydney Market Completes Remarkable Turnaround in 2019 — Who Were the Big Winners?

The Sydney housing market has completed a remarkable turnaround in 2019 recording record boomtime results over December. Weekend auction clearance rates have soared over the year with December’s 77.8% result a record Sydney high for that month and well ahead of the December 2018 rate of just 43.1% – conversely a record monthly low result….