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If you want your property investments to outperform the averages, then you need to find locations that outperform the averages. This means you need to understand how to know how to identifying areas that are gentrifying. Gentrification is what happens when a poorer suburb is gradually taken over by more affluent residents. This in turn…

No wonder Melbourne’s population is booming: Vicoria’s Secret

As promised, a quickie 45-second look under the hood at the latest jobs figures. No wonder Melbourne’s population has been booming, as its ‘everything’ construction boom saw the creation of 48,500 new employed persons on a net basis over the third quarter of the calendar year. So much for immigration limiting opportunity, Victoria is really…

Nearly one million mortgage holders experiencing “mortgage stress”

Another scary headline in the news this week: Nearly one million mortgage holders experiencing “mortgage stress” But when you read more into the stats, things aren’t nearly as bad as they may seem.  Over the last 12 months there has been a decrease in the estimated number of mortgage holders considered to be ‘At Risk’  and…

Is Your Brain Preprogrammed For Success or Failure?

According to a study by Raj Raghunathan, Ph.D., Associate Professor with University of Texas McCombs School of Business, between 60-70% of self-talk is negative. And, according to a landmark study by B.L. Frederickson, called The Broad and Build Study, this is a major problem. Negativity, they found, shuts down part of the neocortex, impairing focus, cognitive ability…

10 signs you’re on the right financial path

Being good with money is a skill you can learn.  Some people complain they aren’t very good with finances — they argue they don’t have a head for numbers — but I believe everyone can become wealthy if they know how. Part of it comes down to smart investments, sure, but the other, equally important part,…

This week's CoreLogic Property Market update

Auction activity picks up over the week with 2,119 homes taken to auction. There was an increase in auction volumes over the week with 2,119 homes taken to auction across the combined capital cities, up from 1,851 over the previous week although lower than this time last year (2,519). Traditionally, auction activity ramps up around…

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