Michael has been once again voted Australia’s leading property investment advisor by the readers of ‘Your Investment Property Magazine’, but he’s not a theorist… He has been successfully investing in property since 1971 and is a leading property commentator and Australia’s most widely read property investment blogger. Join over 115,000 others who get their updates from Michael and his group of expert guest bloggers and benefit from their perspective.

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3 types of insurance all property investors should consider

Sophisticated investors understand their portfolios are the equivalent of income-producing businesses and wealth creation vehicles. What I mean is they don’t adopt a set and forget attitude, and then naively hope that it all works out in their financial favour… someday! Rather, just like business owners, they make sure they have the necessary insurances in…

8 top tips for skilful real estate negotiations

Negotiation is more of an art than a science. Skillful negotiation doesn’t come naturally to most of us – it’s something that needs to be learned, practiced, and perfected over time. It’s often said that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything, which means that most buyers and sellers, who only transact…

6 ways to teach your kids about money, according to Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is arguably one of the best investors of all time and has an excellent track record of creating and maintaining his wealth dating back to his early entrepreneurial days starting at just five years old. You’d think that the hugely successful magnate and philanthropist would be too strapped for time to mentor as…

The 2021 Census is almost upon us!

The 2021 Australian Census will be held on Tuesday, 10th August. While the Census provides us with a count of people and dwellings, it has other important uses. These include determining appropriate electoral boundaries and the number of representatives, as well as the allocation of GST funding to the states. While the 2021 Census is…

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