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High Risk - Property Investment Near Adani

While Clermont locals are celebrating the approval of the controversial Adani mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, property investors should be careful before entering the market. The $2 billion Carmichael coal mine, one of Australia’s largest thermal coal mines, will comprise six open-cut pits and five underground mines covering about 447sq km. Adani states it will…

What do loan comparison rates actually mean?

When you’re buying a home, it can sometimes seem like you’re expected to learn a whole new language. Terms like “loan to value ratio”, “conditional approval” and “comparison rates” are bandied about on TV ads and in product disclosure statements – and if you don’t understand what they actually mean you could find yourself in…

6 common mistakes to avoid when selling your property

As I’m sure you’re aware, successful property investment involves holding your properties for as long as possible. But sometimes you will have to sell. Maybe it’s because you’re outgrown your current home – or the opposite when all the kids have left home. Or perhaps, an investment property is under-performing, so you’ve made the wise…

Believe it or not - almost half Australians live pay to pay

Almost half of Australians are living from pay to pay. These figures from a recent Finder survey of 1,780 Australians reveal 46% – the equivalent of more than 5.9 million working Aussies – are unprepared to cope with a job loss, admitting they couldn’t survive financially for more than a month if they suddenly lost…

RBA update: Governor Lowe points to even lower rates

The Reserve Bank’s best case scenario is that its forecasts are wrong, writes … Peter Martin., Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe has said two things about unemployment in the past few weeks. Together, they lead to an inescapable conclusion. The first was in a speech in May,…