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3 reasons why ideas are over-rated

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy learning about how some of our best modern inventions came about.   It’s always interesting to read about who invented the great pieces of technology and how they used their problem solving skills.  One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of these inventors is that their achievement seems secondary…

The Grass is Always Greener Until You Have to Mow the Lawn

If you were to ask most people if they want to be rich, they will emphatically answer YES almost every time.  But, as I learned from my five-year study of self-made millionaires, the journey to success isn’t easy.  It often requires that you take numerous risks. Success is also riddled with obstacles, adversity and mistakes, which requires…

10 lessons you can learn from the rich and successful

Have you ever looked at the BRW Rich List or reports on the richest people in the world and wondered what they were doing that you’re not? Well…they’re probably doing things very differently to you according to my good friend and best-selling author Tom Corley who conducted a five-year study of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living…

Are you wondering what’s going on with the property market – whether you should buy, whether you should sell, how your property portfolio is performing? The media is full of mixed messages, so no wonder you’re confused.  There’s no doubt we’re at the next phase of the property cycle, what some call the slump phase….

Mistakes property investors make: Negative Gearing

Property investment is all about understanding the best strategies for you to achieve your financial goals and then researching the market for suitable properties to implement your strategy.  But some investors get into trouble because they decide to go against their own due diligence or ignore their budget entirely. While the development of a sound…

How Millionaires Behaviours Differ From Non-Millionaires

Millionaires have certain ritual behaviors that put them on the path towards success. What are some of those behaviors? Millionaires Take Care of Their Bodies: 76% engaged in 20 – 30 minutes of cardio, four or more days a week. That’s running, jogging, brisk walking, biking, swimming, etc. It doesn’t cost any money to run,…

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