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The honest truth about where property prices are headed

It’s common knowledge that the value of property grows overtime. Property values don’t grow consistently or uniformly, but overall, the property lulls are temporary and the value of well located “investment grade” property generally increase in the long term. So what should investors do in the current market if they wish to grow their wealth…

When is the right time to fix your interest rates?

When is the right time to fix your interest rates? It’s a great question, it always is. Timing is everything when it comes to fixing your interest rate or rates and we are coming into very interesting times. Well, I shouldn’t say it’s just timing as the other important aspect is “why” you would fix….

10 ways to a better valuation

Sometimes all that stands between you and your next purchase is a property valuation. Here are 10 tips to help you get a better assessment.  For mortgage security valuations, the guidelines are well defined. It’s the price of the property if traded between a willing buyer and seller at the time it was inspected, but…

Money is an empty victory

What drives you to build wealth? If I deposited $10 million in your bank account today, what would you do differently tomorrow? Do you think money will solve any (or all) of your “problems” and/or fulfil all your dreams?  The answers to these questions will reveal how you think about money. And how you think…

Are you wondering what’s ahead in property for 2021? Maybe you’d like to know what other Australian property investors plan to do? Well, that’s exactly what we discuss in today’s show as we unpack the results of this year’s Property Investor Sentiment Survey. You’ll hear what 1,500 Australians feel about our current real estate markets…

This week’s Australian Property Market Update – Latest Data, State by State 23rd November

House prices are lifting as confidence recovers. There are continuing signs that our property markets may have hit the bottom and are now moving from strength to strength and will finish the year on a high note This week’s heat map (see below) shows that over the week Australian property prices nudged a fraction higher,…

How to be a good landlord

You can’t have successful property investment without tenants but too many landlords pay scant regard to their tenants – to their financial detriment.  I’m sure you’re aware, one of the keys to property investment success is cash flow and that generally comes from your tenants paying rent for your property over the long-term. Many novice…

The Number One Key to Wealth

The average person sees over 5,000 marketing messages a day. Almost all of it says the same thing: “Buy this and you’ll be happier, healthier, cooler or better looking.” It’s always been this way, only now, the Internet and social media have amplified the frequency and intensity to a point where it’s inescapable, and a lot…

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