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What’s the best home loan for you?

There’s nothing quite like an interest rate cut to inspire borrowers to shop around for a better home loan deal. And why not? The Reserve Bank of Australia has taken the official cash rate to a record low of 0.75 per cent, and while banks haven’t passed on all of those cuts, they’ve slashes the…

Looking to rent a home? 6 things that will help or hinder you

Two-thirds of tenants in Australia rent through an agent, so making a good impression on the agent matters – certain characteristics count in tenants’ favour, but some factors are beyond their control, writes … Bronwyn Bate, Western Sydney University Two-thirds of tenants in Australia rent through a real estate agent. A national shortage of private rental housing forces these tenants to impress the real…

How to spot a property scam

We’ve all heard horror stories about intelligent, every day Australians who have somehow been sucked into a real estate scam that stripped them of their hard earned money. Who among us is not tempted by the thought of making a quick buck? Despite working hard for their money, many Australians feel stuck on the treadmill…

Weekly economic update: Does monetary policy work any more?

The Reserve Bank of Australia says it’s prepared to ease monetary policy further if needed to stimulate the economy –  but is the policy working when interests rates are so low? writes … Richard Holden, UNSW In its quarterly statement on monetary policy, released today, the Reserve Bank of Australia declared its preparedness to “ease…

How long until housing values reach a new record high?

With many of Australia’s capital city housing markets posting a gain in values over the past three months, a recovery trend is looking increasingly entrenched. But how long will it take for residential property values to reach a new record high if the current rate of growth continues? If housing values continue to rise at…

Why most investors never get past their first investment property

There’s nothing like the thrill of buying your very first investment property. For many, this is when the property buy ‘bites’ – and they become obsessed with the idea of adding to their portfolio. Yet, for myriad reasons… that never happens. Often, it’s because the investor discovers they’re suffering from First Investor’s Burn Out. This…

Five lessons from the recent property downturn

As green shoots have clearly appeared in the property market, RiskWise Property Research has taken a retrospective analysis of lessons to be learned from the recent downturn. Here are the best way to avoid these pitfalls in the future: 1. Think long term and don’t seek quick wins. It’s easy to see Sydney and Melbourne…

A dozen productivity quotes to start your week with a kick

Here are a dozen powerful quotes from highly successful people to give your productivity a kick-start this week. Please add your favourite quote in the comments section below: 1. “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis Of Assisi 3. “Obstacles are those frightful things…

8 Critical steps to success for new property investors

Here’s the good news: investing in property isn’t all that hard. But it does require you to follow a number of processes in order to do be successful. By following these eight essential steps, those new to investing can move forward and start to build a profitable property portfolio that delivers growth for years to…