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This weekend's auction results Saturday August 8th -  A tale of 2 cities with Melbourne in lockdown

It was a tale of 2 cities with regards to auction results this weekend, as it has been for the last few weeks. Sydney delivered a solid preliminary auction clearance rates of 61.5%, a little lower than last week. But unfortunately vendors who had planned to sell their properties in Melbourne this weekend had the…

Is your home exempt from CGT?

Trying to get your head around Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can sometimes be like attempting to learn a new language. You think you’re doing alright with it and then someone from that country starts talking to you thinking you’re a local and you end up quite confused and no doubt a little embarrassed. Of course,…

7 Habits of highly successful people

Success isn’t genetic. And it’s not something that simply ‘happens’ to lucky people.  Instead, it’s a result of the everyday habits that give successful people the ability to achieve greatness. Put it this way: they didn’t become successful from binge-watching Netflix on the sofa all weekend. Habits that underpin success (no matter what your definition…

Don't be duped by dodgy property dealers

One of the biggest mistakes that property investors can make is relying on the wrong experts. One expert is urging you to invest in central Queensland, another says buy in Melbourne, still another tells you that Port Hedland is about to boom again, while another urges you that Perth is set to go gang busters…

Why coronavirus will deepen the inequality of our suburbs

COVID-19 and the growing recession concentrated in the services sector will not just increase social inequality, but accelerate the growing spatial divide in our cities. As our new research report shows, the pandemic’s impacts reinforce the ongoing trend towards the suburbanisation of inequality.  There are two reasons for this. First, the industries vulnerable to the…

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