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Michael has been once again voted Australia’s leading property investment advisor by the readers of ‘Your Investment Property Magazine’, but he’s not a theorist… He has been successfully investing in property since 1971 and is a leading property commentator and Australia’s most widely read property investment blogger. Join over 115,000 others who get their updates from Michael and his group of expert guest bloggers and benefit from their perspective.

One of the most helpful things you can do to help build your business or professional practice is to have a business coach.  Today I’m speaking with the founder of Business Accelerator Mastermind, Mark Creedon. We talk about the things that the entrepreneurs he has coached have done, which have made him cringe, in order…

Finding a property with development potential

Are you interested in property development? While many properties make good homes, fewer are “investment grade” properties and even fewer are potentially profitable development sites. In a recent blog I outlined why I choose the suburbs where I undertake developments very carefully. Now it’s time to find the “right” property in that suburb – one that could…

Brisbane Housing Market Update [video] | September 2019

Brisbane values have posted their second consecutive month of subtle gains. CoreLogic has released their newest housing market update for September 2019.  Dwelling values tracked 0.2% higher in both July and August following a relatively shallow decline phase where home values fell by 2.9%. Unit values have led the improving conditions, rising by 1.5%…

How to become friends with failure

So many people fear making a mistake. They’re scared of looking stupid in front of people they respect or messing up in front of the boss.  But everyone makes mistakes. In one of her blog posts, entrepreneur Lisa Messenger admitted she makes mistakes all the time. “I’ve stuffed up. I still stuff up. I will…

Property development guide part 12 — Enlisting the help of a town planning consultant

In this article, Bryce Yardney, Property Development Specialist at Metropole Projects, explains the role of a town planning consultant and what you need to be asking yours.  Town planning consultants are professionals with a qualification in town planning or urban planning.  Those in private practice have usually been employed by local councils or planning organisations for a number…

The real secret to success is how to communicate

You know that old saying: “Success is 90 per cent perspiration and 10 per cent inspiration”? Well, I’d like to modify that equation slightly. I think success is made up of a number of important parts, but at least 50 per cent is good communication. What do I mean by that? In today’s tech age,…

State by State Update on the Australian Property Markets | September 2019 Chart Pack

There is no doubt it! The Australian housing markets have turned the corner. Two interest rate cuts, tax cuts, reduced uncertainty around housing, more positive media and easing in the overly tight lending guidelines have combined to generate a significant improvement. Buyers are back borrowing money and looking for a new home or investment and…