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How To Become A Millionaire

Want to know how to become a millionaire? Well…Jaime Tardy interviewed more than 120 millionaires to learn the “secrets” for how to become a millionaire and published her findings in a book, The Eventual Millionaire, which explains the most important insights from those interviews. Today’s I’d like to share 5 of the many ‘secrets’ she…

These are the richest people in Australia in 2022

The results are in… these are the richest people in Australia in 2022. This year the total wealth of the AFR Rich List soared to past half a trillion dollars, with Gina Rinehart topping the 2022 Financial Review Rich List for a third consecutive year. To qualify for this year’s list, you needed at least $629…

Why the Labor government need more tax

The new government has inherited an extraordinarily difficult budget situation. The budget deficit amounts to 3.5% of gross domestic product this financial year and it will be almost as high next financial year at 3.4%, after which the budget papers project deficits for the entire ten-year forecast period. At the same time, the unemployment rate…

15 common landlord mistakes it pays to avoid

The most successful property investors have a number of tools in their landlord kit-bags. One of the most important of them all is using professional property managers to do the heavy lifting for them. That’s because, to create significant wealth, investors not only need to be strategic with their property purchases, they also need to…

Quality is king: Most important property investing golden rule

There is one property investing golden rule that is more important than everything else. And if you nail this ‘one thing’, you are guaranteed to build wealth over the long run. This statement might sound sensationalist, but I honestly cannot overstate this point. The golden rule is that the quality of the property you invest in will determine your…

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