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This week’s Australian Property Market Update – Latest Data, State by State 17th May

Our property markets keep bounding along with the five capital city index increasing 0.6% over the last week alone. Over the past three months, property values have increased 6.9% in our major capital cities, yet we are just over a third of the way through the year. Although our auction markets reported more boomtime results…

Here’s the proof: School catchments add value

Have you ever considered that buying in a strong school catchment will increase the value of your home or investment property substantially faster? I know I have been speaking about it for many years! But being a numbers person to make my decision I had never see it put so clearly – in black and…

Brisbane Housing Market Update [video] | May 2021

Brisbane housing markets continued their upswing with housing values rising a further 1.7% in April to be 8.3% higher over the past twelve months. In line with the national trend, house values have been rising at a much faster pace than units, up 9.6% over the past year compared with a 2.4% lift in unit…

The hidden problems with property purchases

Are you looking to buy a new home or investment property? Well, don’t make the same mistake many buyers do and overlook identifying hidden problems that you may overlook in your excitement. I remember reading a survey by St.George Bank a few years ago that showed the average Australian home buyer spends more than seven…

Melbourne property market forecast to grow strongly in 2021

Wondering what will happen to the Melbourne property market this year? Are you wondering what will happen to the Melbourne property market this year? Well… based on how the market has been performing so far it’s likely that will see double-digit Melbourne house price growth in 2021, with most segments exhibiting strong price appreciation other…

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