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House prices will fall 10% - what nonsense! | Property Insiders [Video]

If you’re keeping up with the financial media you couldn’t miss the forecasts of ‘property prices falling ahead’. And it’s no longer only the perpetual property pessimist, you know…those who have been getting it wrong time after time – that are suggesting this. It’s now some of the regular media commentators and the bank economists….

How long does it takes to save a deposit in Australia's priciest suburbs

Saving for a house deposit could take on average almost 20 years in some suburbs, according to startling new research by Finder. Analysing property prices and incomes in each of Australia’s capital cities, and in Australia’s local government areas (LGAs), Finder determined where saving for a home is the most challenging.  Unsurprisingly, Sydney was the…

November In Review: Our top trending articles for this month

Are you keen to keep up to date with the continually changing world of property investment, success, personal finance, and wealth creation strategies? Well…here’s a list of our 10 most read blogs over the last month, in case you missed them. Did you know that last year over 2.7 million individuals read articles Property Update?…

This week’s Australian Property Market Update – Latest Data, State by State November 29th

Sydney and Melbourne’s property markets are coping well with the post lockdown surge in listings of properties for sale. But there are clear signs that house price growth is slowing down in our two big capital cities. With only a few days to go, Sydney house prices have risen 0.9% so far in November, well…

11 Things Successful Property Investors Don’t Do

Books, blogs, and magazines are full of great tips on what to do to become a successful property investor. However today I’d like to look at a number of things successful investors don’t do. 1. They don’t concern themselves that the markets are unpredictable. Successful investors are comfortable with the reality that their future can’t…

Sinister secrets and celebrity suburbs - do they make a difference?

Do headline-grabbing horror stories about murders or riots steer potential property buyers away from some suburbs? Does the “celebrity effect” really does improve buyer demand in others? In late 2005, thousands of angry, alcohol-fuelled rioters engaged in an orgy of assaults and violence now known as the “Cronulla Riots”. It was widely considered that these…

How to spot a property lemon

Some of the most attractive homes are hiding a stack of problems. That is the thing about property flaws: they’re hidden beneath the house, in the walls, or are simply hard to detect with the naked eye. You end up falling in love with the home, its attractive décor, and you buy it. Then six…

Melbourne property market forecast to grow strongly in 2021-22

Wondering what will happen to the Melbourne property market for the rest of this year and into 2022? Are you wondering what will happen to the Melbourne property market over the balance of 2021 and into 2022? Well… based on how the market has been performing during lockdown and how strongly it’s growing now that…

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