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A short cut to building a true property investment business

If you are serious about growing a very significant property portfolio and establishing a real “property investment business” – I’ve got some great tips for you today. And if you’re not sure what I mean when I say “treat your property investing like a business” or how you do that or even why it’s important,…

Michael Yardney's net worth - The truth about building wealth through property

I know a reasonably common Google search is “what is Michael Yardney’s net worth ?” In fact, a question I’m asked frequently  is, “Michael, what’s your net worth?”  And while I can understand that this may be of interest to some people, I’m sorry to disappoint you… I don’t answer this question with a definitive…

Melbourne Housing Market Update [video] | April 2021

Melbourne housing values recovered from the -11% fall between 2017 and 2019, and the -5.6% drop in values through the worst of the COVID-related downturn, to set a new record high for dwelling values in March. The median house value is approximately $860,000 while the median unit value reached $593,000. Local market activity has ramped…

NSW Fair Trading cracks down on underquoting

Sydney real estate agents who deliberately underquote property prices will find themselves under scrutiny as NSW Fair Trading cracks down hard on dishonest real estate agents. Inspectors will attend auctions, open houses, and agencies across the city on the hunt for agents who are deliberately promoting a property for lower than its estimated value. Those…

Perth Housing Market Update [video] | April 2021

The pace of capital gains has continued to accelerate across Perth, with dwelling values up 1.8% in March which was the fastest rate of appreciation since September 2006.  Such a rapid pace of growth is seeing the market rapidly recover from the 22% peak-to-trough fall that ran between mid-20014 and mid-2019, followed by a…

The 5 Big Investment Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Why don’t most investors succeed? O.K. – please let me be a little blunter…why aren’t you already financially independent or further along your journey to financial freedom? Maybe it’s because you’re making some simple but common investing mistakes that are sabotaging your chances of reaching your financial goals? If you are, it’s possible you’re unintentionally…

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