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Millennial NETTELs – the booming demographic shaping our property markets

The number of Millennials reaching the family formation stage of their life is booming, and it’s creating an entire generation of Australians who are shaping our suburbs and property markets. Back in 2009, Bernard Salt wrote an article about Baby Boomers which, interestingly is just as applicable to today’s suite of Millennials. Back then, while…

The changing landscape of Australian rentals: a shift towards high-income tenants

If you’re currently renting, this might sound all too familiar. However, for those who haven’t been part of the rental market for some time, the following revelation might come as a surprise: Over the past quarter-century, there’s been a significant shift in Australia’s rental market demographics. High-income households are increasingly opting to rent, creating a…

What does a bank valuer look for?

Property stakeholders often feel a little nervous about a bank valuer visiting. After all, valuers show up, poke around and then send a verdict to the lender about whether the price paid, or estimate made, ‘stacks up to market’. It can feel like there’s bad news pending, particularly in a softer property price cycle like…

Latest property price forecasts for 2024 revealed. What’s ahead in our housing markets in the next year or two?

What’s the outlook for the Australian property markets for the rest of 2024?  Have interest rates really peaked now and when will they start coming down or will the RBA raise rates again in 2024? Will the “fixed interest rate cliff” and affordability issues cause a round of distressed sales and prices to fall or…

Seller confidence boost: a new era of opportunities for buyers

The Reserve Bank’s decision to hold the cash rate steady at 4.35% in March wasn’t surprising. Many are betting on a downward trend in interest rates soon, though the exact timing remains a mystery, with some commentators now, believing it will be later in the year, initially hoped for. According to PropTrack’s Senior Economist, Eleanor…

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