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The weirdest recession for our property markets + latest property data | Property Insiders [VIDEO]

Some people are calling this the weirdest recession. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, unemployment is rising, yet our housing markets are remaining resilient. In fact, there are increasing signs that the modest coronavirus-induced housing correction is coming to an end and that the housing market is on the move again. Last week I…

Answers to the questions on every investor's minds

In the wake of the Federal Budget, a number of common questions keep coming up. In a recent article, Diana Mousina, Economist – Investment Strategy & Dynamic Markets at AMP, gave her views on the issues currently occupying the attention of many Australians. Can the Commonwealth afford this level of debt? 2020 was supposed to be…

How to overcome the biggest investment fears of many beginning property investors

Times are changing, no longer is the property news all good and the many mixed messages in the media are causing some would-be investors to doubt their decisions. Fear and uncertainty leads to procrastination and lack of action as you tell yourself “I’ll get around to it”, but you never actually do.  So, to overcome…

Understanding Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is one of those extra costs that is rather easy to forget when you’re buying property but can really add up to your total cost.  It is tempting to dismiss it when deciding what you’re willing to pay for your next Investment property but don’t fall into a trap. Depending on the property,…

How many Australians own an investment property?

There is a lot of noise being bantered about regarding how much money it takes to be rich in Australia. And there’s often fuss made about all those rich greedy property investors. So just how many Australian households hold an investment property? The Australian Taxation Office recently released their latest stats on property investment, so…

This week’s Australian Property Market Update – Latest Data, State by State 19th October

This biggest property news over the last week has been the announcement on Sunday from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews that a return to on-site real estate auctions in Melbourne would be permitted to a maximum of 10 persons. With on-site pre-sale property inspections by prospective purchasers having been permitted since September 28, both buyers and…

9 biases that property investors must overcome

Without always knowing it, property investors are pre-programmed with a range of biases which may cause them to interpret information incorrectly and thus undertake sub-optimal investment decisions. Let’s discuss 9 of the key biases that Australian property investors must overcome… 1. Hindsight bias How many know-it-all commentators now confidently proclaim that the financial crisis and…

Why were the property bears so wrong?

Have you ever had a strong opinion (belief) about investment markets which was subsequently proven to be incorrect? A recent example was when many people predicted borrowers would be forced to sell their properties due to the Covid lockdowns and the market would crash. This outcome now seems unlikely. It is my view that a…

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