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Latest property price forecasts for 2024 revealed. What’s ahead in our housing markets in the next year or two?

What’s the outlook for the Australian property markets for the rest of 2024?  Have interest rates really peaked now and when will they start coming down or will the RBA raise rates again in 2024? Will affordability issues cause a round of distressed sales and prices to fall or even a property market crash in…

The latest Corelogic Rental Market Report

The pace of growth across Australian rental markets has eased over the past few months, with CoreLogic’s national rental index rising 0.7% in May, the lowest monthly change since December last year. Most markets have seen a reduction in rental growth relative to the first quarter of the year when rental demand tends to be…

Millions of Aussie homes at risk of peril – new research reveals

Millions of Australian homes are at risk of natural disasters and most homeowners are unaware, leaving them sitting ducks and potentially uninsurable, according to Domain’s 2024 Perils Report. Domain CEO, Jason Pellegrino, emphasized the urgent need for Australia to build viable, livable communities as the climate changes. Mr Pellegrino said: “Australians are struggling. Affordable housing…

Michael Yardney’s net worth – The truth about building wealth through property

I know a reasonably common Google search is “what is Michael Yardney’s net worth ?” In fact, a question I’m asked frequently is, “Michael, what’s your net worth?” And while I can understand that this may be of interest to some people, I’m sorry to disappoint you… I don’t answer this question with a definitive…

Houses vs. Units: a shift in market dynamics this 2024

Over the last four years, the gap between house and unit prices in Australia has widened to record levels. Historically, houses have commanded higher prices than units. However, since the pandemic began, this disparity has grown significantly, with house prices surging by 44.2% compared to pre-pandemic levels, while units have seen a more modest increase…

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