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Looks like we'll have a 2-tiered property market - those who can and those who can’t

It seems as though there are always stories about the challenges of housing affordability in the media. And this seems to be dividing us into a nation of those who are property owners and those who believe property will always be unaffordable. During booming market conditions it was all about being priced out of the…

This weekend's auction results Saturday September 19th -  The end of auctions in Melbourne?

There were only 778 properties taken to auction across the combined capital cities this weekend, a few more than last weekend when 665 auctions were held, but considerably less than the 1,718 auctions conducted this time last year. The combined capital city preliminary auction clearance rate was recorded at 72.7% across 545 auction results reported…

Property Investment: A risky business or safe as houses?

We’ve all heard the phrase “safe as houses”, and indeed, investing in real estate has long been considered a safe and secure long-term investment strategy, particularly for those who do their due diligence and locate good-quality properties in areas that are likely to grow in appeal and value. That said, as with almost all areas…

Where do older people live?

In common with many western countries, Australia’s population is ageing. This is typically shown by increases in both the number and proportion of older people. But older people are not a homogenous group – they show a wide range of diversity with regard to their social and economic characteristics. This blog will use the latest population…

What will life be like in a smaller Australia [video]

Australia won’t see high population growth at pre-COVID levels for years. This is a problem for many sectors. Our education system is underwritten by international students, our residential construction sector depends on a steady stream of new residents needing to be housed and all the highly skilled jobs that our economy created couldn’t possibly have…

Is Investing In Property Even Worth It?

Confession: I would hate to be starting out as a property investor today. I’m just not sure it’s worth it anymore? There’s all the uncertainty about the future. Then there are  costs and considerations that come with compliance alone are almost enough to make you want to throw in the towel before you even begin….

Property development guide part 12 — Enlisting the help of a town planning consultant

In this article, Bryce Yardney, Property Development Specialist at Metropole Projects, explains the role of a town planning consultant and what you need to be asking yours.  Town planning consultants are professionals with a qualification in town planning or urban planning.  Those in private practice have usually been employed by local councils or planning organisations for a number…

Property Headlines: House price forecasts, Property pessimists back peddling + the latest data  | Property Insiders [VIDEO]

The media seems to love bad news more than it does good news. All over Australia we are bombarded with bad news, and nowhere is the more bad news more interested in my home city of Melbourne. But when we look back at the many bad news predictions about property made earlier this year by…

Who’s responsible for repairs and maintenance?

Property repairs and maintenance are a leading cause of argy-bargy between landlords and tenants (and not a lot of fun for the property manager in the middle). Why? Because often the parties are unclear who is responsible for what. Ask landlords, tenants and property managers what is the number one bone of contention at a…

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