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How important is it to own your own home?

The ‘great Australian dream’ has always been to own your own home, debt free. It gives you financial security, and over the past three to four decades, homeowners have enjoyed rising prices which has helped them build wealth. But is it always a good idea to own your home, or is renting better? Put differently, how financially…

The changing landscape of pet ownership in strata apartments

In recent years, the issue of allowing pets in strata apartments has been a subject of significant debate in Australia. The recent overhaul of strata laws, recently tabled in NSW parliament,  marks a substantial shift in the way this matter will be approached. Positive outcomes for pet owners The proposed revamp of NSW strata laws…

Is investing an art or science?

Is successful property investing an art or a science? Albert Einstein once said, “COMPOUND INTEREST IS THE EIGHTH wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it.” If we accept the above, then the longer we hold a property investment the more likely we are to make a gain….

What does the rental yield tell you about a property?

A property’s rental yield is the amount of gross rental income that it attracts relative to its market value. In Australia, gross residential property rental yields typically fall between 2% and 5% annually. This yield can provide insights into a property’s fundamentals and therefore anticipated investment returns. What drives a property’s rental yield? Two primary…

Sydney property market forecast for 2024

Are you wondering what will happen to the Sydney property market in 2024? Well…After booming through 2020 and 2021 with prices rising by 27.2%, Sydney housing values fell -12.4% from their peak in January 2022 through to the recent trough in January 2023. But now the Sydney housing market has clearly turned the corner with…

What makes an A-grade property?

Why do some properties significantly outperform others with regard to capital growth? Why are some properties always in strong demand and sell quickly? These are what I’d call “A-grade” properties. But what sets these exceptional properties apart from the rest, and how can investors uncover these hidden gems that consistently outperform market averages? As our…

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