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Fastest growing cities in Australia 2024

Are you looking for the fastest-growing areas for 2024? Australia’s population grew by 659,800 people (or 2.5%) to 26.8 million people in the year to September 2023, with Western Australia enjoying the fastest percentage growth rate of all the nation’s states (of 3.3%), according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data. With 765,900 overseas…

The biggest migration hot spots and the impact on housing trends

Australia is slowly moving through an enormous (though temporary) spike in overseas migration. The ABS reports Australia’s population increased by 2.5%, or 660,000, in the year to September 2023. Its latest regional migration data reveals the areas with the highest migration levels through the 2022-23 financial year (FY23). This has been driven by a combination…

Property markets are always on the move

Have the Perth and Adelaide housing markets peaked? And if so, where will we find the next boom markets? The answer lies in who is doing the buying and selling. Experts commonly refer to a city’s median housing price when describing its performance, but this is misleading. The median price lumps all buyers and sellers,…

Warning: Watch out for these 4 common real estate scams

Buying a property is one of the biggest transactions you’ll ever make. It’s one that you’ve probably saved and prepared for a long time and are eager to make happen. The problem is, among all the activity, buyers are unaware that scammers are out there, lurking and waiting. Real estate scams are commonly related to,…

Victoria cracks down on rental standards: landlords face fines up to $57,000

The Victorian government is tightening its grip on rental property standards in response to a significant increase in tenant complaints. This crackdown, led by Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gabrielle Williams, and Consumer Affairs Victoria director, Nicole Rich, reminds landlords of their legal responsibilities to provide safe and functional rental properties. “Every Victorian renter has the…

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