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Sydney Housing Market Update | April 2019 [video]

In Sydney, the monthly rate of decline eased a little in March, however with values down 0.9% over the month, it’s clear that conditions remain weak across Australia`s largest housing market. CoreLogic has released their newest housing market update for April 2019. The Sydney market has recorded a cumulative decline of 13.9% since values peaked…

5 common mistakes that novice investors make

A common misconception is that property investing is easy.  In fact, many people falsely believe that they can buy any old piece of real estate, then sit back and watch their wealth grow. In reality, successful property investment requires a number of skills as well as the right education. Even when I started out investing…

Melbourne Housing Market Update | April 2019 [video]

The Melbourne housing market recorded a 3.4% reduction in dwelling values over the March quarter, taking the cumulative decline in dwelling values to 10.3%. CoreLogic has released its newest housing market update for April 2019. House values are down substantially more than unit values, recording a peak to current decline of 13.0%, while unit values…

The 3 stages in the life of a property investor

No one wakes up one day and is instantly an expert in anything. It usually takes years of practice to perfect any endeavour or skill. This is one of the reasons why I struggle with the concept that property investing is seemingly “easy”. Sure, buying a property might seem relatively simple on a transactional basis,…

Who controls a self-managed super fund?

When you set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) you need to understand what it is, and also what it isn’t. Firstly, an SMSF is a trust and, like all trusts, it’s not a legal entity. Therefore the fund needs a trustee who makes decisions, opens up bank accounts, completes the tax return and so…

Falling for the feeding frenzy furphy

Will we have a mini boom later this year if Labor wins the election, as investors rush to buy established properties before the new tax rules take effect? Many commentators are predicting that investors will rush to buy established properties before the negative gearing and capital gains tax rules are changed if Labor wins the…

Adelaide Housing Market Update | April 2019 [video]

Adelaide’s housing market has recently shown some weakness after a long run of steady and sustainable growth. CoreLogic has released their newest housing market update for April 2019. The March quarter saw dwelling values slide half a percent lower, however, local values remain almost one percent higher over the year. The March data showed Adelaide…

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