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Melbourne property market forecast to grow strongly in 2021

Wondering what will happen to the Melbourne property market this year? Are you wondering what will happen to the Melbourne property market this year? Well… based on how the market has been performing so far it’s likely that will see double-digit Melbourne house price growth in 2021, with most segments exhibiting strong price appreciation other…

Latest property price forecasts revealed. What's ahead in our housing markets in the next year or two?

What’s the outlook for the Australian property markets for 2021 and beyond? This is a common question people are asking now that our real estate markets are up and running again. A report recently released by ANZ Bank predicts house prices at the national level will rise to a strong 17% through 2021, before slowing…

9 property investment tips and traps

Wealth creation has become a primary target for most people and many are finding property investment as an effective way to hit this target.  While there are just over 2 million property investors in Australia, less than a quarter of these have more than one property investment – in other words, they will never develop…

Government to the Rescue as First Home Buyer Affordability Declines

First home buyer affordability has declined for the second consecutive quarter, reinforcing the latest ABS data that revealed first home buyer numbers – although still strong – have fallen over recent months. The My Housing Market National First Home Buyer Affordability Index increased again over the March quarter following a similar increase over the previous…

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