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Property vs Shares!!! – Two Overlooked Factors

Are you deciding whether to invest in property or the share market? While at Metropole we are property specialists, we also advocates for diversification, so a healthy investment portfolio should contain an element of both. Most successful investors have multiple income streams and are shown to hold and benefit from both asset classes. Therefore, this…

1.81 million Australians unemployed (12.8% of the workforce).

The latest Roy Morgan employment series data shows 1.81 million Australians unemployed (12.8% of the workforce). The workforce was up slightly: The workforce in October was 14,158,000 – comprised of 12,348,000 employed and 1,810,000 unemployed Australians looking for work. The workforce total was up slightly by 10,000 since September as gains in employment outpaced the…

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