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Warning – Avoid these FOMO errors investors make in today’s property market

Our property markets grew strongly last year with many locations enjoying double-digit capital growth, and they’ve started 2024 firmly, in part due to the lack of supply of A-grade homes or investment-grade properties for sale. And this is starting to show itself as FOMO (fear of missing out) – when homebuyers and investors are scared…

Rising land tax to cause havoc

In recent weeks, state governments have been sending out land tax notices to property investors. The noticeable increase in land tax receipts over the past few years has prompted more investors to reassess their property investments. Furthermore, the surge in land taxes is anticipated to exacerbate the rental crisis. Property investors are likely to pass…

Making our cities better

Australia is going through an infrastructure boom. This follows from a building boom and before that a resources boom. Each boom was manufactured by the “Over World” as I like to label them – i.e. those that benefit the most – so that Australia doesn’t fall off the economic cliff or for some other altruistic…

I’ve just received an inheritance windfall, what do I do next?

Receiving an inheritance can be a life-changing event, but also one filled with heightened emotions and uncertainty about the implications on your financial future. While receiving a lump sum of money can be a great opportunity to strengthen your finances, the sudden increase in your wealth also requires some careful consideration and planning. So, whether…

Australian economic and financial markets update | RBA Chart Pack May 2024

If a picture paints a thousand words, then this collection of charts should do a pretty good job of painting the landscape as it affects our economy and our property markets. Each month the RBA summarises macroeconomic and financial market trends in Australia by providing a detailed chart pack. World Economy Australia’s economy doesn’t operate…

Property markets are always on the move

Have the Perth and Adelaide housing markets peaked? And if so, where will we find the next boom markets? The answer lies in who is doing the buying and selling. Experts commonly refer to a city’s median housing price when describing its performance, but this is misleading. The median price lumps all buyers and sellers,…

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