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Housing construction slows; Victoria to fall far short of supply target

With another building firm going into administration yesterday, affecting a further 120 projects, it wasn’t a great surprise to see that home-building activity was falling sharply in late 2023 as the pipeline shrunk. Apartment construction held up better. I’ve been of the opinion that anti-landlord legislation and new land taxes will stifle the supply of…

Property development guide part 19 – The end!

In this continuing series of articles, I’ll take readers on a step-by-step journey through the property development process. Today Part 19 brings us to the final instalment as I walk you through what to do with your completed project and the next steps as a property developer. For those who do choose to sell, obviously,…

Property development guide part 18 – Making your money!

Finally, your development project is finished and ready to market. You’ve done it! You pulled together an A team, secured your construction finance, found a reliable builder, navigated the local council maze to obtain development approval and finally your project is nearing completion. While some developers undertake this sometimes frustrating and undeniably challenging process to gain…

Property development guide part 16 – Digging in the dirt

In this continuing series of articles, I’ll take readers on a step-by-step journey through the property development process. You’ve selected your site, conducted your feasibility studies, gathered a team of professional industry experts to help you navigate the sometimes rocky road of property development, made your way through the council’s bureaucratic maze of red tape…

Your complete guide to easements on property

When you buy real estate for the first time, you sometimes come across a bunch of unfamiliar terms. What’s conveyancing? What’s a pre-settlement inspection? What’s a trust account? And another term that is probably relatively unusual to new developers or investors is “easement”.   So, in this article, we’ll outline what an easement on a…

Your Complete Guide to Renovating for Profit

Have you considered getting involved in property renovations? Making a tidy profit renovating a property seems like a very attractive proposition, doesn’t it? And that’s why more real estate investors are turning their aim to renovations. You know… buying low, renovating cheaply and adding substantial value is the aim of the game. It sounds simple…

Finding a property with development potential

Are you interested in property development? While many properties make good homes, fewer are “investment grade” properties and even fewer are potentially profitable development sites. In a recent blog, I outlined why I choose the suburbs where I undertake developments very carefully. Now it’s time to find the “right” property in that suburb – one that could…

Property development guide part 14 – Working with the Engineers

In this instalment of the Property Development Series, I’ll walk us through the role of the engineers and which ones you’ll need for your next project. Astute property investors and developers know that in order to be successful they can’t do it all on their own. They surround themselves with qualified and experienced professionals who…

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