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How to get started in Property Development

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Property Development guide part 3 – Surround yourself with an “A” team

In this third installment of the Property Development Series, Bryce walks us through the professionals you need on your side throughout your property development project.  The property development process has become more complicated over the last few years due to the increased influence of the state government, local councils and various interest groups in the…


Property Development guide part 2 – Donning the property developer’s hat

In his continuing series of articles, Bryce Yardney, Property Development Specialist at Metropole Projects, takes readers on a step by step journey through the process of property development and reveals how to become one of the success stories. Following on from Part 1 – A Guide to the Property Development Process – Bryce explains what property development…

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4 common questions I’m asked about today’s property markets and some answers you can use right now!

With so many mixed messages currently surrounding property I thought I should give you some insights based my 40+  years experience in property and having built what some would suggest is a very substantial property portfolio. I guess if you’re reading what I’m reading in the media you know some are saying the market has run…

Property Development

How to get started in property development

I’ve recently noticed a trend in budding developers – they are looking for an overview of the property development process and they want it in a simple and accessible way. That is why I’ve created this comprehensive guide covering the topic. I want to make finding the right information as easy as possible. If you’re…

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