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Michael Yardney

Hi and welcome to my podcast

We live in uncertain times, creating a lot of anxiety for investors. So, in today’s podcast, which is one I recorded together with my good friend and share trading expert Louise Bedford, we talk about how to manage uncertainty. It’s a little longer than normal – almost 50 minutes – but during our chat, Louise…

Despite all the negative news in the media warning us of the worst property correction on record, my guest today Pete Wargent recently wrote a piece giving good reasons why our housing market downturn could be short-lived. Since Australia’s economy and our property markets don’t operate in isolation, each month, I take time out to…

Australia’s property markets have experienced unprecedented demand over the last couple of years, despite tourists not coming from overseas, despite visa holders not coming, visa holders not coming, students not being here, and the borders being closed. And now despite the market cooling, rising costs and supply shortages are causing one of the worst housing…

We seem to have a new national obsession. It’s even bigger than worrying about who’s going to win football at the weekend. It’s called “Which way are house prices heading next?”. According to our big banks, Australians must brace for the worst housing correction on record as rising interest rates will strangle the property market….

Strategic property investors plan for the long term and therefore theoretically should be immune to the ups and downs of the property market. However, the grinding reminders of the economic challenges we are facing can be a harsh test of character for even the most experienced investor. There is continual news about rising inflation and…

There are some must-read books on personal finances that will help you develop good saving and investing habits. One of them is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a must-read if you want to learn about personal finance. Now I’ve interviewed Robert three times on this podcast and while I don’t agree with many of…

A 40-year high in inflation, rising interest rates, talk of our property markets crashing, and our economy falling into recession. Then there’s Russia’s war with Ukraine. A spike in energy prices, and a skyrocketing jump in the price of oil. Supply chain problems. Excessive government spending. Exploding government debt. A huge increase in the nation’s…

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