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Michael Yardney

Hi and welcome to my podcast

Last year you could buy almost any property, go away on holidays (even though you really couldn’t because of Covid) and when you came back you would have been richer than when you went away. But that was a once-in-a-generation property boom that made almost anyone who bought a property look like a smart investor….

As we sit here today, inflation is the highest it’s been for years, interest rates are rising and people are wondering how high they will go.  Plenty of tech stocks are down by up to 50%, the war in Ukraine continues, and supply chains are broken, the pandemic is lingering, China is in lockdown, we…

If you’re a property investor you probably want to increase your rental returns. And while you’ve most likely enjoyed strong capital growth over the last couple of years, moving forward this is likely to be more subdued – meaning getting better rentals is going to be even more important. So how do you do this…

Are property investors greedy? What right have they got your own so many properties when others don’t have shelter? That’s one of the questions we answer in today’s question-and-answer podcast with Belinda Botzolis, who’s been a valuer for over 16 years and now brings her passion and years of experience to her role as one…

What’s ahead for our property markets, not just now but in the medium and long-term future? Wouldn’t you like to know? Because if you did, that would make you a more successful investor, wouldn’t it? We understand that forecasting just seems to be getting harder and harder. There are so many conflicting factors out there….

Want to be successful in life? Whether it’s with your property investments, personal life, profession, or business, life will throw you challenges. Just look at what’s happened to us over the last couple of years. So, allow me to let you in on a little home truth: It takes a special kind of fortitude to…

With the election result now clear our property markets can resume their normal activities. And while the ALP fiddled around the edges with some First Home Buyer incentives, the absence of significant macro policy differences between the new Labor Government and the Coalition suggests there will be minimal impact in the short term on our…

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