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There’s no better time than the present to get your personal finance in order.
Building wealth certainly doesn’t happen overnight and as much as property investment is key, this all begins with how you manage your money.
These articles offer the best advice from finance industry experts so you can learn how to benefit from long-term monetary strategies.

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11 benefits of running your own super fund

There are changes aplenty in the superannuation space at present, but some things have stayed the same. One of which is that there are still multiple benefits to running your own super fund, regardless of any changes to the general super landscape. In fact, more and more Australians are opting to take control of their…

13 ways to reduce your tax

The end of the financial year can sneak up on you, can’t it?  Before you know it, 30 June is approaching – or has passed – and you aren’t as prepared as you wanted to be. Unlike the onset of spring, when our minds perhaps turn to more growth-oriented ideas, the wintry end of the…

Why Budgeting Will Lead to More Awareness

I don’t run into too many people who love to budget. And when you add another person to the mix, like a spouse or partner, there’s a good chance one of you will actually hate the idea. Budgeting clearly has a marketing problem. It’s a bit like flossing. We understand how important it is to…

Do I really need a Will & what are the steps to take?

No one likes to talk about death but it is a fact of life. The problem is that by not talking about it, many people never get around to preparing for it either. A common saying is that there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes – yet we generally prepare for…

Aussie savings hit lowest level since March 2020

As millions of Australians face uncertainty about extended lockdowns and restrictions, saving levels have dropped to their lowest point since March 2020, according to new research by Finder. Here is some finding from Finder’s Consumer Sentiment Tracker (CST) which is the largest chronological consumer survey in Australia, with over 26,400 respondents over the course of…

7 money lessons in 7 minutes

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many people are terrible with money. Sometimes it’s not really our “fault” because we’ve just learned bad money lessons from our parents, which we’ve unhelpfully carried through into adulthood.  Other times, it’s because we simply spend more than we earn and have never been within 100 metres of…

If 1 in 6 households can’t raise $2,000 what options do they have?

Australians struggling with their finances are being urged to seek help as both the federal government and banks step up their COVID support packages. Troubling research from the ABS, released last month, shows 17.5 per cent of households can’t raise $2,000 in an emergency. The ABS Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey from May also found…

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