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There’s no better time than the present to get your personal finance in order.
Building wealth certainly doesn’t happen overnight and as much as property investment is key, this all begins with how you manage your money.
These articles offer the best advice from finance industry experts so you can learn how to benefit from long-term monetary strategies.

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Believe it or not - almost half Australians live pay to pay

Almost half of Australians are living from pay to pay. These figures from a recent Finder survey of 1,780 Australians reveal 46% – the equivalent of more than 5.9 million working Aussies – are unprepared to cope with a job loss, admitting they couldn’t survive financially for more than a month if they suddenly lost…

6 Things I Learned by Not Spending Money for 30 Days

I love challenges. Especially when there is seemingly no reason to start them. That’s exactly what my wife and I just did.  A challenge. The challenge? To not spend money for 30 days. No reason, really. Just for fun. And yes, believe it or not, it actually was fun. Here are the results… The Terms…

How to pass on your assets to the next generation

Who does not love their children? We often quickly think of passing our assets to our kids on death. But do we really know who will actually receive them? This is a modern day conundrum. We don’t know when we are going to die, and as such, do not know our children’s circumstances at that…

Here's how to save $70,000 on your mortgage

Want to save over $70,000 over the life of your mortgage? Maybe that will be easier than you think according to research from which revealed if you give up one coffee a day and put the money into your mortgage you could be $71,891 better off over the lifetime of the loan. Now that’s easier…

4 Ways to tell if someone is worth your time

I don’t know about you, but the one thing I would like more of in my life is time. The more I appreciate the success I’ve achieved in life, the more time I want to enjoy it. I try not to think too much about all the things I want to do that I may…

4 steps to getting out of debt

Debt sounds like such a bad word, doesn’t it? The thing is there is good debt and bad debt.  Good debt makes you money – such as a mortgage on an investment property. You’re technically using other people’s money to create wealth through capital growth. On the other hand, bad debt costs you money –…

Australia's rich keep getting a bigger share of the income pie, so what does this mean for property?

The gap between the haves and the have nots is widening. New research has found that Sydney and Melbourne have more than their fair share of the top one per cent of income earners – at 11.9 per and 10 per cent respectively – well above the national average. Our other capital cities also scored…