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Building wealth certainly doesn’t happen overnight and as much as property investment is key, this all begins with how you manage your money. These articles offer the best advice from finance industry experts so you can learn how to benefit from long-term monetary strategies.
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Here’s why the rich live longer than the poor

When it comes to being wealthy, research has found that if you’re rich you’re likely to live longer, too. Now this isn’t because wealthier people have better or healthier genes. What it means is that they live longer because they have the funds to invest in their health. Plus, they tend to have a mindset…

Why Bad Things Happen

Do bad things happen to you? How often? Seldom, occasionally, more than occasionally, all the time? If bad things are a part of life for you, it’s time for some serious introspection. We are creatures of habit. That means we do things without consciously being aware that we’re doing them. When life goes wrong too…

End of financial year tax planning tips for 2023/24

As we near the end of the financial year, it’s wise to reflect on how you can optimise your tax position for the 2023/24 financial year. Below, I’ve outlined the factors we typically consider when reviewing a client’s position. Firstly, estimate your tax position When undertaking tax planning, the initial step involves estimating your tax…

Women lead the charge in Australia’s $5 Trillion wealth transfer

Women are set to be the primary beneficiaries of Australia’s intergenerational wealth transfer, claiming about 65% of nearly $5 trillion by 2034, a groundbreaking report by JBWere published in the AFR reveals. This shift is fueled by factors such as longevity—women generally outlive men—and evolving divorce outcomes. Additionally, the ‘older daughter effect’ plays a significant role,…

Procrastination – Action’s Evil Twin

Whether or not we’re aware of it, there are two wars raging inside each one of us: Taking Action or Procrastinating. When we take action on our dreams and goals it moves us forward in life. Action creates ripples that produce feedback, which is critical in understanding if we are on the right track or…

Credit card debt continues to rise – new data reveals

Australia’s total credit card debt attracting interest charges has risen for the fifth month in a row, as households across the country struggle to get on top of their credit card debt. According to the latest RBA credit card statistics for the month of April, the total credit card bill attracting interest on personal credit…

Childhood Poverty Harms Adult Brain Function

We all know how important childhood experiences are in shaping your beliefs as an adult. Of course, we’re not born knowing how to make money – so we learn it from our parents, teachers, peers, cultural community, etc. and this shapes our views for the rest of our lives. But I was fascinated to read…

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