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There’s no better time than the present to get your personal finance in order.
Building wealth certainly doesn’t happen overnight and as much as property investment is key, this all begins with how you manage your money.
These articles offer the best advice from finance industry experts so you can learn how to benefit from long-term monetary strategies.

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Lack of money knowledge is setting single women back

Single women, and in particular single mothers, have cited poor financial knowledge as the biggest barrier to recovering from financial setbacks and challenges according to new research. A Galaxy Research survey conducted on behalf of State Custodians Home Loans, quizzed 1,005 people nationwide on how financial difficulties would be handled following a stressful life event…

Are you as good with money as you think you are?

A lot of people say they’re good with money.  They say they have a gift for making it.  That they love money and that money loves them. This may be true. But just because you like money and enjoy making it (that’s most of us) doesn’t mean you’re good with money. Those are two very…

How to spend your money... wisely

If you’re anything like most people, you probably think your ticket to financial security is just a pay rise away. “If only I earned more money,” you think, “then I could get ahead financially…” But do you remember the last time you got a wage increase? Where has that extra cash gone? We all have…

Are you a Real Investor or a Make-Believe Investor?

Hey, I have a question for you. Do you remember being a kid and pretending you could fly? I sure do. Now, let me ask you another question. Do you remember jumping off a roof to test that theory? No? Ok, good. Me neither. You know why? Because even as kids, we knew what it…

3 Times when you should say no to business

It can be tempting when you run your own business or are working hard to get ahead to say yes to every opportunity. You fear that turning something down will mean you won’t achieve your long-term goal, and as the old Australian saying goes: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush….