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There’s no better time than the present to get your personal finance in order.
Building wealth certainly doesn’t happen overnight and as much as property investment is key, this all begins with how you manage your money.
These articles offer the best advice from finance industry experts so you can learn how to benefit from long-term monetary strategies.

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How to pass on your assets to the next generation

Who does not love their children? We often quickly think of passing our assets to our kids on death. But do we really know who will actually receive them? This is a modern day conundrum. We don’t know when we are going to die, and as such, do not know our children’s circumstances at that…

Grit - Have you got enough?

As a Mentor, I’ve come across a large number of people in a huge variety of fields who have been very successful.  My fascination with the topic of success has led me to study countless more peak performers. One thing I know for sure. Almost every man or woman who rose to power, attained success…

24 Things That Are More Likely to Happen Than Winning the Lottery

Do you play the lottery? Everyone knows the odds of winning the lottery are unlikely, but exactly how unlikely? First off, I am talking about the major lotteries here. Namely, The Powerball and Mega Millions. Heard of them? The odds are similar for winning both – around 1 in 176,000,000. Not too bad, right? Oh…

'Til household debt do us part

Later in the year I’ll be speaking at a banking conference, partly on the subject of household debt. Human nature dictates that readers feel drawn to commentary on the subject tending towards the binary: it’s either a complete disaster set to collapse in a heap, or “she’ll be right, mate”. First a quick look at…

The Best Path to Long-Term Change Is Slow, Simple and Boring

Many of life’s choices fall into two categories: ■ Option A: Exciting and complex and quick, but the action rarely works. ■ Option B: Boring and simple and slow, but it works nearly all the time. I have been thinking a lot lately about why we are so intrigued by Option A. The list is…

3 Times when you should say no to business

It can be tempting when you run your own business or are working hard to get ahead to say yes to every opportunity. You fear that turning something down will mean you won’t achieve your long-term goal, and as the old Australian saying goes: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush….

How Well Does Your Advisor Handle Uncertainty?

Remember how you felt during the financial crisis in 2008? People were scared.   Even the professionals were uncertain about what might happen. I know, because I was scared, too. But I couldn’t show it. Whatever was going on, my clients still needed me to provide thoughtful advice and to help stop them from doing…

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