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There’s no better time than the present to get your personal finance in order.
Building wealth certainly doesn’t happen overnight and as much as property investment is key, this all begins with how you manage your money.
These articles offer the best advice from finance industry experts so you can learn how to benefit from long-term monetary strategies.

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Never save money for the future

Many people don’t like to save for the future because they think it’s painful. Saving means they have to do without. Conversely, spending today is fun and enjoyable.  Buying a new gadget, a new pair of shoes, dinner at a fancy restaurant, some wine (well, I regard wine as more of an investment). These things…

Why is it wrong to invest for income?

The goal for most investors is to accumulate enough wealth so your investment assets generate sufficient passive income to meet living expenses.  If this happens, it is no longer necessary for you to work for an income and you then have complete discretion over what you do with your time. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! However,…

What feels safe is often risky, and what feels risky is often safe

This statement contradicts just about every evolutionary instinct we possess. We tend to seek out safety and avoid risk whenever possible. A classic example has to be the instinct that (still) tells us we are safer staying with the group. If members of the herd stray, they are easier for predators to pick off. Staying…

Aussies wiped over $7 billion off their credit card debt

The Reserve Bank has released its March 2021 credit and charge card data, revealing Australians knocked $7.5 million off debt accruing interest on personal credit cards in March. The debt decrease comes off the back of an $18.4 million increase the month prior. Despite cardholders wiping $6.96 billion off personal credit card debt accruing interest…

How to prevent paying too much tax on a business sale

No one ever sets up a business with the intention to fail. Rather, entrepreneurial types are motivated by a multitude of factors such as personal drive and ambition or a desire to work for themselves or to create a particular product or service. Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to be in charge of our…

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