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Renovating? Are you fully insured?

Don’t let the excitement of a new renovation blind you to the major problems you can have if the correct insurance is not in place. Everyone watching ‘The Block’ or Grand Designs gets excited about renovating, whether to update or extend due to new family commitments or as a way of increasing the sales value…

Do you understand the principle of highest and best use?

If you’re interested in getting involved in property development, or even if you’re keen to do serious renovations, there is an important principle you must understand. It’s the basis of all feasibility studies and it’s called highest and best use. Just like smart businesses try and maximise the return on their assets, so should you…

A Cheat Sheet for those investors interested in getting involved in property development

Are you interested in getting involved in property development? Maybe now or maybe in the future? As our property markets slow down, more investors are interested in becoming involved in property development as a way of “manufacturing” capital growth. What many would be developers don’t realise is that along with the potential of big profits…

Top 6 renovation mistakes

We are a nation obsessed with home renovations. Just take a look around at your own street or suburb, or turn on the TV to see the number of home makeover shows on offer. Housing Industry Association research shows that house-proud Australians are expected to have spent more than $30 billion on renovations in the…

10 things you need to know before tackling a renovation project

Have you watched too many episodes of popular television shows like The Block?  Feeling inspired to take a run down wreck and make it new again? It all looks so simple and glamorous, with random ‘beautiful people’ tucking their perfectly styled hair into oddly flattering hardhats. But the reality of a large-scale renovation project is very…

4 Reasons Why Renovation Flips Often Flop

It happens every year.   The TV show “The Block” inspires a new wave of investors keen to get involved in renovating and “flipping’ properties. Just to make things clear “flipping” is where you purchase a property and then sell it within a short period of time for a higher price, usually having added value…

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