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How to make money in property development

Have you ever wondered how you get started in property development? I’ve recently noticed a trend in budding developers – they are looking for an overview of the property development process and they want it in a simple and accessible way. It’s probably in part because many of the property markets around Australia are flat or…

Spare a thought for NIMBYs

The dreaded “Not In My Backyard” reaction of homeowners who have the temerity to object to neighbourhood changes they never voted for (or were even asked about) is reaching plague proportions if you believe what some urban designers and planners are saying. This scourge of the NIMBY is threatening the progressive development of cities, they’ll…

Australia’s build-to-rent sector expands… but it won’t fit our rental crisis

Australia’s property market is forecast to see around 55,000 build-to-rent (BTR) units by 2030 in an effort to help alleviate the rental crisis, but its true impact will be minimal. A recent Knight Frank report explained how there are around 8,350 dedicated BTR apartments under construction nationally (as of September 2023) and a further 12,900…

How do rising construction costs impact property investment returns?

A property’s value is typically divided into two components: the land value and the value of any improvements, such as the dwelling. Conventionally, land tends to appreciate over time, while buildings depreciate as they get older and suffer more wear and tear. However, the rise in construction costs poses an interesting question: what impact do…

Governments are pouring money into housing but materials, land and labour are still in short supply

As Australia’s housing affordability crisis worsens, governments are spending more on housing. Victoria’s Andrews government has announced a suite of reforms (such as boosting social housing and making planning processes faster) in an effort to get 800,000 extra homes in Victoria over the next decade. Federally, the Albanese government’s A$10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund,…

Your Complete Guide to Renovating for Profit

Have you considered getting involved in property renovations? Making a tidy profit renovating a property seems like a very attractive proposition, doesn’t it? And that’s why more real estate investors are turning their aim to renovations. You know… buying low, renovating cheaply and adding substantial value is the aim of the game. It sounds simple…

How to avoid paying too much tax in joint ventures

There are a growing number of people in Australia wanting to create wealth by undertaking a small property development. Unfortunately, many people attempt it when they don’t have the knowledge or the know-how, and they end up financially worse off than they were before. Others, while clearly capable of managing the project, don’t set up…

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