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House Building Skyrocketing but Units Still Plunging

House building activity continues to soar off the back of the now-defunct federal government HomeBuilder initiative. Latest ABS data reports that capital city building approvals for houses increased by 36.4% over February to a new record monthly high of 8,697. Over the first two months of this year, approvals for new houses have skyrocketed by…

The Attributes of Successful Property Developers

In these changing times when property investors can no longer count on double digit price growth many are considering getting started in property development to help them ‘manufacture’ some capital growth. In fact one of the most read blogs on this site is How to Get Started in Property Development. It all sounds so simple. So…

Local Council Due Diligence done by property developers

As a property developer I choose the suburbs where I undertake developments very carefully. If I’m planning to undertake a development to sell at a profit (something I don’t do anymore – I’m a long term holder of the properties I develop) I look for very different criteria than if I’m planning to hold the…

10 things you need to know before tackling a renovation project

Have you watched too many episodes of popular television shows like The Block?  Feeling inspired to take a run down wreck and make it new again? It all looks so simple and glamorous, with random ‘beautiful people’ tucking their perfectly styled hair into oddly flattering hardhats. But the reality of a large-scale renovation project is very…

Land banking - the property development strategy of the pros

How many times have you driven past a property and said to yourself, “If only I had bought that property when it was for sale five years ago? Who wouldn’t have bought more properties 10 years ago if they knew they would have doubled in value, like many well located real estate has done over…

Property development guide part 18 - Making your money!

In his continuing series of articles, Bryce Yardney, Property Development Specialist at Metropole, takes readers on a step by step journey through the property development process. Finally, your project is finished and ready to market.  Now the hard work really starts! You’ve done it! You pulled together an A team, secured your construction finance, found a…

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