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Ken Raiss

Ken is director of Metropole Wealth Advisory and gives strategic expert advice to property investors, professionals and business owners. He is in a unique position to blend his skills of accounting, wealth advisory, property investing, financial planning and small business. View his articles


No one ever sets up a business with the intention to fail. Rather, entrepreneurial types are motivated by a multitude of factors such as personal drive and ambition or a desire to work for themselves or to create a particular product or service. Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to be in charge of our…


If you use your own car for work purposes, you could be eligible to claim a tax deduction for car expenses, whether you own your car outright, are leasing it or paying it off. The Australian Taxation Office explains that you can claim a deduction for car expenses if you use your car to: Perform…


Trying to get your head around Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can sometimes be like attempting to learn a new language. You think you’re doing alright with it and then someone from that country starts talking to you thinking you’re a local and you end up quite confused and no doubt a little embarrassed. Of course,…

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