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Home Value Index shows Sydney recovery, and Brisbane takes over from Canberra as the second-most expensive capital city | Corelogic Home Value Index

CoreLogic’s Home Value Index rose 0.8% in May, the 16th consecutive month of growth and the largest monthly gain since October last year. The mid-sized capitals continued to lead the pace of growth, with Perth home values up 2.0% in May, Adelaide rising 1.8% and Brisbane up 1.4%. In dollar terms, it’s the equivalent of…

The Housing Crisis: Unmasking the Quick-Fix Myths of the Major Parties

Australia’s housing crisis has become a fierce political battle that could have major implications for the next federal election. As I see it, the fierce battle over housing is set to intensify and define the next federal election as Labor, the Coalition and the Greens target a growing cohort of voters who believe they’ve been…

Property Shocker: Adelaide and Perth Closing In on Melbourne’s Prices – What This Means for Investors!

In an unexpected turn in the Australian property market, Adelaide and Perth are now nearly as pricey as Melbourne for the first time in up to 15 years, according to recent data. According to the latest CoreLogic Home Value Index, Adelaide’s median dwelling price jumped to $734,173 in March, a 1.4% increase, while Perth’s median…

5 ways I’m going to ensure my property investments outperform this property cycle

With many commentators forecasting what’s ahead for property in 2024, many are focusing on the times we’ve experienced over the last few years and trying and extract the lessons we’ve learned. Rather than do that, today I’d like to remind you of some of the foundational principles I use to grow my wealth. Let’s look…

2024: A year of confusion, concern and consternation. The perfect environment for strategic property investors

2023 was really a year of confusing economic signals, mixed real estate messages and bewildered investors. And 2024 is turning out to be much the same. In other words: the perfect environment for strategic long-term real estate investors. And just like those who took advantage of the property markets 12 months ago found their properties…

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