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What's ahead with the Australian property market with inflation, rate rises and mortgage stress?

The Reserve Bank of Australia is under increasing pressure to raise the cash rate after headline and underlying inflation posted a stronger than expected result in Q1. Concerns about the impact of inflation and potentially rapidly rising interest rates on the property market abound, but a myriad of micro and macro factors should be considered…

Consumer sentiment falls, signs emerge that inflation and rates are impacting buying conditions and dwelling sentiment

I watch changes in consumer sentiment carefully because when consumers feel financially comfortable and wealthy they spend more and this helps the economy move on. And when consumers feel less confident they put their hands in their pockets and don’t make big financial decisions and in general spend less and in some ways this is…

Two years on: Six ways COVID-19 has shaped the housing market

The global pandemic has catalysed remarkable shifts in the Australian housing market. From the temporary shutdown of cities to an unprecedented monetary policy strategy, the new-found popularity of regional and low-density housing preferences, and the introduction of various government home-buying incentives, the COVID period has had distinct impacts on the composition of buyers and the…

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