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Australian suburbs where the number of million-dollar properties has surged

Australia’s surging property market continues to push prices higher and higher, with the number of homes across the country valued over $1 million skyrocketing in the past 12 months. And thanks to a new COVID-19-led lifestyle shift, the seven-figure price tags are no longer reserved only for the affluent, inner-city suburbs with some lesser-known areas…

Housing boom to see 15% price gain in 2021 but a marked slowdown in 2022

Housing markets are positively fizzing right now. Demand’s riding high, buyers battling it out over a shrinking pool of properties and driving some eye-catching price rises. The March quarter saw a 5.6% jump across the major capital cities, the March month alone posting the biggest gain in 32 years. Sydney dwelling prices rose a staggering…

The rich are getting richer - wealth inequality in Australia

The rich can’t keep getting richer forever – can they? Well…Australia has long been thought of as the land of the middle class but new research comparing the upper, middle, and lower rungs of the nation’s wealth and income show that’s not really the case. The richest tenth of households owns almost half Australia’s private…

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane suburbs with the biggest property price rises and falls

A surge of Australians looking to buy a property has seen prices soar in some Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane suburbs over the past two years. Property prices have hit record highs this year and, despite the effects of Covid19 recent Domain Research shows median prices rose annually 6.7% across Sydney houses, 3.9% in Melbourne houses…

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