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House prices only rose 0.6% in February

CoreLogic’s national Home Value Index (HVI) posted a 0.6% gain in February, the 17th consecutive monthly increase in the national HVI.  While housing values are generally rising, the pace of growth in the national index has trended downwards since April last year. February’s growth of 0.6% marks the lowest monthly growth reading since October 2020…

2022 starts strong with housing values rising by 1.1% in January

CoreLogic’s national measure of housing values rose by 1.1% in January, up 10 basis points from the December result, when the national index was up 1.0%. Five of the eight capital cities recorded a modest uptick in the monthly rate of growth, including Melbourne, which had posted a slight decline in values in the previous…

5 Questions to ask that will make you a better prepared property investor

We are moving into the next stage of the property cycle. After just over a year of very strong property price growth, where the value of many properties around Australia increased by more than 20%, our real estate markets are now facing some headwinds. Affordability is starting to price some buyers out of the market…

Look how many property records were broken in 2021

After a bumpy 2020, 2021 has rewritten the property record books. From property price growth to interest rates, to new home buyers, to refinancing – no matter which way you look records have been broken. After 2020, a year fraught with the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic that wreaked havoc on world markets, forcing…

Here's how to avoid these 12 common reasons property investors fail to build a Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio

There seems to be a disconnect between what is myth and reality when it comes to the number of investment properties that people own. We sometimes hear about “greedy” investors who own dozens of properties when this is not really borne out by the facts. Did you know that about 70 per cent of investors…

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