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Perth housing market update [video] | April 2024 - featured image

Perth housing market update [video] | April 2024

Perth housing values have been on a rocket, rising by an average of 1.6% month-on-month since May last year.

Perth Housing Market Update | April 2024

The quarterly pace of growth at 5.6% has accelerated through the March quarter, recording the fastest increase in values since the three months ending April 2021.

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In dollar terms, Perth housing is rising by approximately $37,000 a quarter.

The unit market recorded a slightly stronger outcome through Q1, with values up 6.2% compared with a 5.5% rise in house values.

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The first time we've seen a faster quarterly rate of growth in unit values over houses since June 2021.

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As the owner of several rental properties who regularly looks at the rental listings in my suburbs my experience is that there is a shortage of quality tenants, not a shortage of rental properties

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Where is the data around all of these Landlords exiting? You can't say this while saying "sellers are on strike" on all of your other charts. With rents at $550 for a Median House around 600k, we have the best yields. As an owner of multiple proper ...Read full version

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Cap rental increases, thats almost funny how about killing the spider rather than removing webs? the issue is the banking system, who in their right mind would allow any business to up payments on goods that have already been sold, once a home loan h ...Read full version

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