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Do you understand what the various generations really are?

In ancient times, people used the term generation to describe all the people alive. Over time, that has changed to more of a biological definition, which is the span of time from when one is born to when they have children. Because the median age of giving birth is now 30 years, that time span…

Where in Australia is property price growth still slow?

The Australian property markets are continuing to defy all those who predicted a downturn this year with an eleventh straight month of price increase in November, reaching a new record high. However, according to PropTrack, some markets are seeing growth slow as more sellers take their properties to market. The latest PropTrack data shows prices…

The 7 charts that show Australians struggling as saving falls to near zero

The national accounts released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show economic growth slid to a measly 0.2% in the last quarter. That’s well down from a low 0.4% in the June quarter. Of course, economic growth is not everything. The national accounts don’t measure, for example, unpaid work at home or caring work, volunteering…

4 big differences between successful and unsuccessful people

The world is supposedly divided into the haves and the have-nots. The reality is, like Yoda once said, it is the dos and the do-nots. What I mean by that is that success has as much to do with mindset as it has to do with anything else. The most successful people have common traits…

Ever wondered why some property investors hit the jackpot while others barely scrape by? Well in today’s show Brett Warren, and I shed light on strategies and philosophies that make a successful property investor. We reveal that the high-achievers do not come from a cookie-cutter background, but instead, a wide array of life stories and…

Why millionaires migrate to Australia?

Australia is once again the top spot for attracting the most net millionaires, and there’s a major reason why they’re all choosing to come here. New information from the Australian Treasury, real estate experts, and PropTrack reveals a strong increase in international interest in Australian homes. In fact, NAB’s latest Residential Property Survey of real…

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