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A Cheat Sheet for those investors interested in getting involved in property development

Are you interested in getting involved in property development? Maybe now or maybe in the future? As our property markets slow down, more investors are interested in becoming involved in property development as a way of “manufacturing” capital growth. What many would be developers don’t realise is that along with the potential of big profits…

Nine reasons why recession remains unlikely in Australia

Are we in for a recession? More people seem to be worried about this but in a recent Oliver’s Insight, Shane Oliver — Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist at AMP Capital — explains why Australian growth is likely to remain weak over the next year, however, while the risks have gone up recession…

Is Melbourne becoming an apartment city?

Melbourne is Manhattanising  – we’re trading backyards for balconies. If you were a visitor from overseas coming back after a decade you just wouldn’t recognise the skyline. Similarly if you live in inner or middle Melbourne you would have observed the changing landscape – houses with large front yards being replaced by units, townhouses and…

Value of mortgage lending continued to lift

The July 2019 housing finance data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that demand for mortgages is starting to rise. Of course, dwelling values in July were unchanged nationally and there were rises recorded for the second successive month in Sydney and Melbourne with an increase also in Brisbane. There were clear…

Property development guide part 10 - Assessing your development's feasibility

In this article, Bryce Yardney, Property Development Specialist at Metropole, talks us through the feasibility of a development project and whether or not to pursue it.  Undertaking a property development requires many months of preparation before you actually get to see your hard labour bare any fruit. As we’ve already covered in previous articles in this series, there’s the groundwork of…

4 ways to embrace change (and let go of your fear)

I’ve been reading a lot lately about what this year will hold for finance and property, how the markets are shaping up, and where the big trends are. Everyone seems to have a slightly different take on how things will pan out.  What will Donald Trump do this year? How will Bitcoin perform? What will…

7 big insurance risks when renovating

There are big profits to be made when renovating.  But, it’s not always smooth sailing for those trying to manufacture a profit through a property refresh. The lure of strong capital gains and higher rents for renovators is ever-present, but so too are some big risks. However, I’m not talking about the risks of going…

How to avoid overpaying for your next property

The trick to making money from your investment property is to buy well. Now, that sounds like a fairly obvious point but you’d be surprised by how many investors and homebuyers (and all homebuyers should think like investors at the end of the day) pay too much for their properties.   Now I’m not suggesting you…