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This explains the housing finance crunch of 2018

 Housing finance was again crunched too hard. Some commentary speaks of investors voluntarily pulling back, but this hasn’t been my experience at all – most industry practitioners appear to have people queuing up to borrow and invest, but credit won’t be extended on tighter regulation and criteria. The trend for monthly housing finance was down…

[Masterclass] Is Timing The Market Really That Important For Property Investors?

How important is timing the property markets? The answer may surprise you as I share so of the latest research we conducted at Metropole. In this Masterclass I’ll explain: What happened to property values in the last 4 property downturns  4 conclusions we have drawn studying the last 4 property cycles and  7 lessons you can…

How to Reach your Goals Without the Anxiety

Two million in equity; that’s all I wanted. I almost got there, too, before losing everything I’d worked for. I pushed too hard; I went too fast, and I overextended. I had no buffer. When the company I worked for almost hit the wall, I took a 50% pay cut. My wife lost her job….

Here's why investors are avoiding Canberra

I’ve been consistent on this point  – often wrong, but never in doubt! Taxes in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are far too high for landlords to invest there en masse, which will lead to a rental shortage as the population steadily grows. There are a lot of ‘well, in theory…’ type comments made about this point,…

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