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A dozen great leadership quotes

Read, enjoy and be inspired, even if you’re not a leader today because one day you will be. 1. “To add value to others, one must first value others.” – John Maxwell 3. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you…

If you want to take advantage of our property markets and become financially independent, today’s show is for you, because I’ve got 3 segments during which I share a number of concepts that will help you along the way. First, we discuss whether property investing is an art or a science. Spoiler alert: it’s both….

40% of Australians think home loan interest rates will rise before 2023

With our property markets booming, the media is full of stories telling us how the Reserve Bank is going to raise interest rates or APRA is going to intervene to slow down our housing markets. On the other hand, the RBA has stated that it has no intention to raise the cash rate before 2024,…

Optimists Rule the World

Have you ever run into an optimist? Most who do walk away energized, enthusiastic, motivated and, well optimistic. Now contrast that to pessimists. Pessimists sap you of your energy, enthusiasm, motivation and drag you down in life. They push you away and make you want to run for the hills. By a wide margin, the millionaires in…

Why haven’t you invested in property yet?

You’re reading about it, so clearly you’re interested in property investing. So, why haven’t you done anything about it? In my experience, the number one reason some people can’t take that first step is fear. There’s excellent evidence to support the notion that wealth can be created through investing in property – so why are…

Property Investors are back in the market | Property Insiders [VIDEO]

I took some time over the long weekend to look at some articles and commentary that came out just a year ago when the GVC (Great Virus Crisis) was just beginning. While the media was full of negative commentary then, in these weekly Property Insider video discussions Dr. Andrew Wilson and I gave measured commentary,…

House Vacancy Rates Still Falling – and Rents Naturally Keep on Rising

Rental vacancy rates for houses remained low in most capitals over March, continuing to put upward pressure on rents as tenants desperately scramble to secure available properties. The latest data from My Housing Market reveals that capital city house vacancy rates, with the exception of Melbourne, remained below 2.0% with Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, and…

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