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Why main roads are a real estate no-no

All investors know that location is one of the most critical components of any successful property investment. When long-term capital growth is the sought-after reward at the end of the real estate rainbow (as it always should be), it is vital that you not only find the best possible property but the best possible position. In…

What will life be like when the COVID-19 crisis passes? What aspects will stay with us, and what will disappear? We’ve been thrust into a moment of rapid change, but most of us don’t like change. It makes us feel uncomfortable. We like a level of certainty about our future, health, and jobs, as well…

8 Property trends we can expect in 2022

We experienced a wild ride in property in 2021, didn’t we? No one could have predicted the astonishing property price rises we experienced across the country. While our property markets slowed down their extraordinary growth as the year ended, there is still significant momentum left and 2022 promises to be another good year, but the…

What’s the right strategy for this stage of the property cycle?

When it comes to property investment you’ll often hear two conflicting philosophies – invest for capital growth or invest for positive cash flow. We’re in for a long period of low interest rates, low inflation and low wages growth, meaning that we’re also likely to experience generally lower capital growth for some years, and this…

How to build a property portfolio in Australia

Is it really possible to develop financial wealth by building a substantial property portfolio in Australia today? The answer is yes. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. And that’s not a play on words. It’s simple if you do what many other savvy property investors have done and built a substantial asset base of investment…

The Habits of Unsuccessful People vs. Successful People [infographic]

Succeeding is hard: it requires a lot of work, strong will and a great deal of patience. So what’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people?  It’s their habits. If you think about it, you are where you are in life today because of all the things you’ve chosen to do, and all the things you chose not to do. And if…

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