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Property development guide Part 6 - Finding the perfect site

In the sixth instalment of his in-depth series on property development, Bryce Yardney, development Specialist at Metropole Property, explains how to source and secure the perfect site for your project in order to maximise potential profits. Securing the perfect property is critical for the success of any investment career.  Acquiring a piece of real estate that ticks all of the…

RBA holds – but more stimulus likely as Victorian lockdown to knock at least $12bn from national GDP

Victoria’s tightening lockdown could knock at least $12bn off the Victorian and national economy and delay the return to positive Australian GDP growth to the December quarter. The federal budget deficit this year ultimately pushed up to $235bn (from the Government’s recent projection of $184.5bn). This is the topic of a recent Oliver’s Insight where Dr Shane…

Are your meetings resulting in madness?

Are you: Tired of meetings that go off track and never leaving enough time to get through all the agenda items? Frustrated with how long meetings take? Concerned with the time it takes to discuss certain agenda items and how people dominate discussions resulting in many decisions being made by the minority? If you answered…

How important is assessing demographics in building your property portfolio or planning your business or personal ventures?  If you don’t pay attention you could be missing the key to building long-term wealth in a way that minimises your risks. In today’s episode of Michael Yardney podcast, I chat with Simon Kuestenmacher, and we’re going to…

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