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What's really going on with unemployment?

Australia’s official unemployment rate fell last month from 7.5 per cent to 6.8 per cent. The result surprised basically most economists, including those at Treasury and the Reserve Bank, who were expecting the unemployment rate to deteriorate again. So what happened? According to the Bureau of Statistics, the number of employed persons increased by 111,000…

OECD amends its forecast for global economic recovery

How soon will the global economy recover from COVID-19, and in what shape will that occur? The OECD has slashed its forecast for Australian GDP growth in 2021, saying shutdowns associated with Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19 will drive a much weaker than expected rebound. In its latest economic outlook, the OECD upgraded its growth…

Property Headlines: House price forecasts, Property pessimists back peddling + the latest data  | Property Insiders [VIDEO]

The media seems to love bad news more than it does good news. All over Australia we are bombarded with bad news, and nowhere is the more bad news more interested in my home city of Melbourne. But when we look back at the many bad news predictions about property made earlier this year by…

We all know that real estate is a long-term investment. So, what were the best-performing suburbs over the last couple of decades? They may not be the ones that you’d first think of. Today’s I chat with Bret Warren about what made certain suburbs outperform over the last couple of decades. I’m also going to…

4 key reasons why the property pessimists are changing their minds

Why were all those property pessimists wrong? In fact, why are they becoming more positive about property? Of course it wasn’t just the usual band of Negative Nellies making dire predictions of significant property price falls earlier this year, it was also some credible economists suggesting property values could fall by up to 20%. Yet…

This is a critical, but little known indicator of the status of our housing markets

How are our property markets doing? With so many indicators regularly mentioned in the media – which should you rely on? Firstly, it’s worth understanding some statistics are lagging indicators – they tell you what has happened in the past. Others are leading indicators – they are a sign of what’s ahead. Here’s what I…

Recently, I appeared on the Australian Taxation Office’s podcast, Tax InVoice, to talk about tax-related matters that would be of interest to property investors in a time of crisis. I spoke with assistant commissioner Adam O’Grady about how the events of 2020 impacted property investors and what recent law changes mean for residential property investors….

How to overcome the biggest fear of beginning property investors

There are a number of reasons why a person may want to invest in property, but they never actually get around to it. They have all the best intentions and they really, truly want to take action. They do the research. They attend the seminars and the courses. They get educated, they learn what’s possible,…

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