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This week’s Australian Property Market Update – Latest Data, State by State May 23rd, 2022

Our property markets continue to deliver mixed results.

The property markets have had a lot to contend with lately and it's showing in flat property markets in Sydney and Melbourne and a downward trend in price growth in our smaller capitals.

Decreasing affordability in our 2 big capitals, a significant rise in fixed mortgage rates, rising variable rates, an upcoming election and the media full of stories of real estate Armageddon have dampened buyer enthusiasm, yet vendors are still hoping to get top dollar and this is being reflected falling auction clearance rates.

But remember… there isn't one Melbourne or Sydney property market and there is still strong demand for A-grade homes and investment-grade properties, but buyers are being more selective and they are not in a rush to buy B grade properties and are avoiding C grade properties.

At the same time vendors are going to have to learn to temper their expectations and be more realistic and meet the market

Overall Australian dwelling prices rose 0.3% so far this month of May to be 14% higher year on year.

However, capital city rental markets continue to tighten, with the record low vacancy rates still falling.

Here's what's happening to property prices...

  • Sydney property prices dropped -0.3% from last week, decreased -0.6% from last month, and up 11.7% over the last 12 months.
  • Melbourne property prices dropped -0.2% from last week, dropped -0.4%  in the last month and up 6.6% over the last 12 months.
  • Brisbane property prices are up by 0.1% from last week, increased 1.1% last month and up 28.6% over the last year.


1 Weekly Change 23 May

2 Monthly Change 23 May

3 12 Month Change 23 May

Monthly Change In Home Value Index 23 May

To help keep you up-to-date with all that's happening in property, here is my updated weekly analysis of data and charts as of May 23rd, 2022 provided by CoreLogic, and

The number of A-grade properties for sale in Australia is still in short supply

With dampening buyer demand, there are more houses on the market for sale, but currently, there is no oversupply as discretionary vendors are holding back – there is no reason for them to sell at present.

And remember that buyers are sellers and sellers are buyers so in most cases each time a property is sold another buyer is out in the market looking for a new home.

The table below shows how the stock of advertised properties is well below year-ago levels across the strongly performing capital city markets, but the tables are turning in favour of buyers in Melbourne and Sydney.

Capital City Properties Listed For Sale 23 May

Listings 12 Month Change 23 May

Median property prices

Median House Prices

Median House Prices

Number Of Homes For Sale Combined Capital Cities 09 May

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Vendor Metrics

At a national level, properties are taking slightly longer to sell than they were during the property boom of last year.

In the three months to April, the median days on market were recorded at 27, up from the recent low of 21 days in the three months to December.

However we're still in a seller's market with the number of days to sell the property very low (a sign of the tight supply situation), and vendor discounting at very low levels.

In general, houses are selling better than apartments, but the shortage of good properties on the market is seeing A-grade properties selling quickly with minimal discounting.

vendor metrics

vendor metrics

vendor metrics

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Our Rental Markets

Our rental markets have been tightening further with vacancy rates for both houses and apartments at extremely low across the country.


Annual Change In Rents Units 02 May Annual Change In Rents Houses 02 May



Weekend's auction clearance rates

Dr Andrew Wilson reported...

The national auction market reported a clearance rate of 71.4% at the weekend which was much like last weekend's 71.3% but well below the 80.8% recorded over the same weekend last year.

Of course, decreasing affordability in our 2 big capitals, a significant rise in fixed mortgage rates, rising variable rates, an upcoming election and the media full of stories of real estate Armageddon have dampened buyer enthusiasm, yet vendors are still hoping to get top dollar and this is being reflected in falling auction clearance rates.

Dr Andrew Wilson of My Housing Market reported Adelaide was once again the stand-out performer with a preliminary auction clearance rate of 82.4%, from 174 auctions.

Other preliminary clearance rates (as reported by Dr Andrew Wilson's Auction Insider) were:

  • Brisbane auction clearance rate- 67%
  • Melbourne auction clearance rate - 68.7%
  • Canberra auction clearance rate- 74.9%
  • Sydney auction clearance rate- 64.1%

Auction Listing Trend

Auction Clearance Trend

Source of graphs and data: Dr. Andrew Wilson's My Housing market, CoreLogic, REA

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