Are These Going To Be The Most Popular Jobs in a Decade? [infographic]


Technology destroys jobs, but it also creates jobs.

In fact I’ve read that the majority of jobs that will be available in the future haven’t even been thought of yet.

It’s likley that many jobs in the future will be automated.

But here are some of the job titles that will be the most coveted in the near-future:

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Many of the most interesting jobs in a decade from now relate to emerging technology trends: virtual reality, cybersecurity, the internet of things, vertical farming, big data, and more.

Here’s descriptions of just some of these roles:

Neuro-Implant Technicians: future-ahead

Dealing with brains is serious stuff, but working to insert implants is another level of complexity.

We will not only need brain surgeons and people that can augment brains with technology, but we’ll also need people that can do backups of brain data as well as people that can interpret such data in real-time.

Smart Home Handyperson:

The smart home is a megatrend that will affect everything from your refrigerator to home security.

We’ll need people who can connect these things together so that they work in unison.

VR Experience Designer:

Navigating virtual reality is going to be a challenge, and no one has really figured out how that’s going to work.

We’ll need UX designers that can make this palatable for the average person, making VR accessible to everyone.

Freelance Professors:   

Higher education as we know it is slowly dying.

Professors in search of academic freedom are already leaving established universities to teach on a solo basis, and technology enables them to reach the masses.

American historian Thaddeus Russell is a perfect example of this trend, establishing Renegade University to offer tuition at a fraction of the price.

Urban Farmers:

People want fresh food closer to them, and vertical farming is expected to gain momentum in the near future.

We’ll need people that can teach the ways of vertical farming to new operations that emerge.


You think big data is big now?

In the near future, we will be capturing insane amounts of information through sensors, cameras, and other apparatuses.

This will require special equipment and know-how.


Technology has allowed us to dive deeper and deeper into the fundamentals of the human body.

The most basic level is the cellular level, and we will soon have the ability to address concerns within this microscopic landscape.

Nano-medics, essentially doctors that can diagnose symptoms, design treatments, and implement nanotechnology at a cellular level, will be needed.

3D Printing Engineers:robot future job employment droid work machine technology

The next wave of 3D printing technology will require engineers that can oversee and operate computerized plants that print everything from custom concept cars to biomaterials.

Elevated Tube Transport Engineers:

Vacuum tubes with maglev tracks will be the future’s trains.

We will need people that understand how to solve problems that routinely occur with this emerging technology.

Personal Health Coach:

As the quantified self trend meets the cloud, we will seek professionals that can look and interact with our health data. They will provide us personalised solutions to make our lives better.

Read more:  Visual Capitalist


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