superannuation and property investment

Here’s how superannuation is already financing homes

What critics of the plan to use superannuation for housing miss is that Australia’s super system already channels a significant proportion of retirement savings into housing, writes… James Giesecke, Victoria University and Jason Nassios, Victoria University The federal government is split on whether first home buyers in Australia should be allowed to use part of…

Super help for first-timers could be on its way

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon is pushing for first homebuyers to get access to their super and use it as a deposit. How might this help them achieve their dreams faster? First homebuyers might soon be able to use their superannuation as part of a deposit on a property, as we reported last week. The proposal…

Australians should be encouraged to contribute more towards their super

Should Tony Abbott’s party come to power in September then it needs to begin day one with an extensive review of the national ledger and a clear position on how it will encourage Australians to prepare for their future. The country right now is no different to a household or business in financial difficulty.