4 Reasons Why Renovation Flips Often Flop

It happens every year.   The TV show “The Block” inspires a new wave of investors keen to get involved in renovating and “flipping’ properties. Just to make things clear “flipping” is where you purchase a property and then sell it within a short period of time for a higher price, usually having added value…

10 ways to give your home a facelift

In his column in Switzer, John McGrath discusses the 10 best ways to update your home without blowing the budget. Here’s what he had to say: With so many great renovating and home decorating shows on TV these days, it’s no wonder people get inspired to make over their own homes. But ripping out entire rooms – which…

Renovate and prosper

With shows such as ‘The Block’ and ‘House Rules’ inspiring a wave of renovators, many property investors have considered whether they too should do some renovation work to their investment property. Though investors know completing a renovation will add value to their property and possibly even increase the weekly rental value, they are often unaware…

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