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11 common property investment finance mistakes to avoid - Part 2

What are the common finance mistakes property investors make? Yesterday I outlined the first five finance mistakes to avoid when structuring your finance, whether you’re a home buyer or property investor. I explained that the mortgage product you end up with can mean the difference between building a lucrative, wealth generating property portfolio and never progressing…

Is Australia really the fourth most overvalued property market in the world? | Michael Matusik

Australia has moved from fifth to fourth most overvalued global property market but the overall risk of a housing bubble has subsided, according the very debatable The Economist magazine’s 2013 global housing index.  Read more here. On a personal income housing affordability measure, Australia ranks fourth behind France (34%), the Netherlands (33%) & Canada (32%)…

When it comes to finance, never say never

One of the most disheartening prospects a home buyer faces is rejection. First there’s the possibility that the offer they put in on their dream home or ideal investment might be declined and of course, even more soul destroying, the chance that the banks will leave them high and dry with no money to even…

Bank policies change in the blink of an eye!

How quickly things can turn around when it comes to the world of finance. Banks are fickle institutions, making it nigh on impossible to borrow money one minute and then almost throwing it at customers the next!  Not too long ago, we were lamenting the fact that lenders were tightening the purse strings in the…

Interest rates to rise in 2011 – but why?

Speculation as to when we can expect the Reserve Bank to make another move on interest rates has been rampant since the beginning of this new decade. Adding to the debate among economic analysts has been the potential impact of the string of natural disasters that occurred recently and Australia’s overall fiscal health. So what…

Overcoming common borrowing hurdles

With memories of the recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC) still fresh in the minds of Australian lenders, it has become increasingly difficult over the past year or so to gain “easy finance”. Lending policies have been scrutinised and changes made to protect banks from a similar fate suffered by many major lenders in the US….