Here's why you shouldn't speculate in property hotspots

After all these years in property I’m still surprised at how investors decide which property to buy, but it doesn’t surprise me why so many don’t get past their first or second property. You see… many buy for emotional reasons and while others think they’re investing in property, for some they’re really speculating.  By definition,…

My thoughts on property hotspots - Michael Matusik

I don’t like the term hotspots. For mine, it doesn’t really ring true when it comes to property. There are very few instances in which investment ‘heat’ is induced to a very specific location or property type. Residential property investment is a long-term hold. The statistics show that most buyers make more money on resale,…

Beware of the boomtown blues

On the back of every resources boom, there’s invariably a mini property boom in mining towns as speculators (I don’t consider them investors as they’re out to make a quick buck) try to cash in on the influx of industry personnel seeking rental accommodation for the term of their contract. But are these apparent investment…

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