New life insurance code riddled with loopholes

The Financial Services Council code of conduct for life insurance is the industry’s last chance to reform before the government steps in, writes… Gail Pearson, University of Sydney Life insurance has stood out as an industry without a code of practice when others such as general insurers have one. The latest attempt by the Financial…

Insuring your Future

History records (and this is often quoted): An early example of the concept comes from the Code of Hammurabi, Babylonian laws dating back to 1700 B.C., which contain a credit insurance provision. For a little higher interest, the ancients could exempt themselves from repayment of loans in the event of personal misfortune.   A citizen…

Bet on long life: Is Insurance really necessary?

 The uncertainty in life is what makes insurance so important. Although we can never predict what will happen to us, with the right insurance policies we can recover from our financial losses and especially if the unexpected happens such as death then the insurance company will share the risk with us to provide the financial…