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Do Australians get too many public holidays? Look how we compare - featured image

Do Australians get too many public holidays? Look how we compare

Ready for another public holiday?

We're just back from our Christmas break and we're about to have our first public holiday and long weekend.

So do Australians get too many public holidays?

I guess it depends who you ask - the entrepreneur, the business person or the employee.

As you enjoy Australia Day check out the following infographic from Statistica which shows how we compare to other developed countries.

How Many Public Holidays

Guess which country has the most public holidays?

The list above is for developed countries but according to Cambodia enjoys 28 public holidays per year, the highest number of public holidays in the world.

Heres are the other rankings.

Rank No. of Public Holidays Country/Countries
1 28 Cambodia
2 25 Sri Lanka
3 21 India, Kazakhstan
4 18 Colombia, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago
5 17 China, Hong Kong
6 16 Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan
7 15 Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Lithuania, Sweden
8 14 Indonesia, Chile, Slovakia
9 13 South Korea, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Taiwan, Nepal
10 12 Finland, Russia
11 11 Singapore, Italy, Denmark, France, UAE, Morocco, Czech Republic, Luxembourg

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