New homes will cost $12 million in seventy years

Seventy years from now, we will all be millionaires, and homeowners can expect to pay an average of almost $12 million for new properties according to a report quoted in the Herald Sun

They also came up with some other interesting findings. managing director David Garner said

“Many of our investors … want to know how to plan for their children’s future and what that future might look like financially. We used historical data to calculate compound annual growth rates, which we then applied over the next 70 years to 2083.

“We also adjusted for inflation, to provide a better comparison with today’s prices.”

The data projections found in 70 years people would live much longer, bread will cost about $34 a loaf and homeowners can expect to pay an average of almost $12 million for new properties.

Researchers also say that the average citizen will have access to a wide array of biotechnology implants and personal medical devices.[sam id=34 codes=’true’]

These could include fully artificial organs that never fail, bionic eyes and ears providing superman-like senses.

The 2080s will not be so bright for many animals, though, as lizards and polar bears will be extinct.

Spain, Italy and the Balkans will turn into desert nations, with climates like North Africa, and agriculture will suffer.

And in Star Trek style experiments in quantum entanglement, made possible by artificial intelligence and picotechnology, will provide major breakthroughs in travel.

By 2083, the future experts claim it will be possible to teleport macro-scale objects from one location to another.


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