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These will be the world’s biggest economies in 2030 [Animation] - featured image
By Michael Yardney

These will be the world’s biggest economies in 2030 [Animation]

By 2030, the complexion of the global economy could look very different than it does today.

And the news is good for us in Australia as some of our major trading partners will become economic powerhouses.

And the South East Asian region will keep booming according to recent projections from Standard Chartered Bank.

And remember we're geographically part of this region

The World’s Largest 10 Economies in 2030

Look what's ahead

While the Chinese economy will keep growing, by 2030, it’s projected that seven of the world’s 10 biggest economies will come from other currently developing nations.

Rank Country Proj. GDP (2030, PPP) GDP (2017, PPP) % change
#1 China $64.2 trillion $23.2 trillion +177%
#2 India $46.3 trillion $9.5 trillion +387%
#3 United States $31.0 trillion $19.4 trillion +60%
#4 Indonesia $10.1 trillion $3.2 trillion +216%
#5 Turkey $9.1 trillion $2.2 trillion +314%
#6 Brazil $8.6 trillion $3.2 trillion +169%
#7 Egypt $8.2 trillion $1.2 trillion +583%
#8 Russia $7.9 trillion $4.0 trillion +98%
#9 Japan $7.2 trillion $5.4 trillion +33%
#10 Germany $6.9 trillion $4.2 trillion +64%

Source: Visual Capitalist

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