unemployment rate

Australia's real unemployment rate is higher than you think - and that's a worry

Over 2.6 million Australians were unemployed or under-employed in May That’s 20% of the workforce – much higher than the official ABS figures and this is a worry for our economy and in turn our property markets.  The Roy Morgan real unemployment figures are always substantially higher than the ABS estimate Roy Morgan suggests that Australia’s…

Real Unemployment in Australia is now 9.2%

What’s the “real” unemployment rate in Australia? According to Roy Morgan Research, in October a total of 2.454 million Australians, 19.1% of the workforce, were either unemployed (1,188,000) or under-employed (1,266,000). This is up 256,000 (up 1.7%) from October 2015. 1.188 million Australians (up 78,000 since October 2015) are unemployed and these real unemployment figures are…

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