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By Mark Creedon

Some success tips for property investors from the late George Bush

We can gain inspiration from many sources.

In late 2018 George WH Bush, the 41st President of the United States died and a letter of advice he wrote to young people did the rounds of the internet.

The fact is this is excellent advice for all of us.

The letter says: Tiger Woods 81882 1920

“I cannot single out the one greatest challenge in my life.

I have had a lot of challenges and my advice to young people might be as follows

Don’t get down when your life takes a bad turn. 

Out of adversity comes challenge and often success

Don’t blame others for your setbacks

When things go well, always give credit to others

Don’t talk all the time. 

Listen to your friends and mentors and learn from them

Don’t brag about yourself.

Let others point out your virtues, your strong points. 

Give someone else a hand.

When a friend is hurting show that friend you care

Nobody likes an overbearing big shot

As you succeed, be kind to people.

Thank those who help you along the way

Don’t be afraid to shed a tear when your heart is broken because a friend is hurting.

Say your prayers!!

George Bush”

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Just wanted to point out that he George HW Bush and the 41st president. George W Bush Was the 43rd president and he's still alive. Just didn't want you to be critised for "fake new" Great reading though.

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