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9 Things that help rid you of Negative Emotions

Why are some people more negative than others?negative be postive depressed mood sad black balloon mourn funeral dead

You know what I mean?

Well Lifehack explains that emotions can become habits if they are continuously repeated.

As such, negative emotions can become something that infiltrates your everyday life.

If you find you're constantly down on the world or yourself; or you get annoyed easily, or anger is your natural response to many things -  you may be a slave to negative emotions.

Here are 9 things you can do to free yourself from negative emotions:

1. Stop Justifying

Firstly, you need to stop justifying getting angry and upset over everything.

Stop thinking that you’re entitled to be so negative because you’re not.

The only person responsible for this is you.

If you stop justifying your negativity to yourself you won’t have a reason to be angry, and more people will actually enjoy being around you.

2. Stop Making Excuses  

You need to stop making excuses for both yourself and others. 

Perhaps you rationalize your own actions and why it’s okay for you to verbalize your anger.

Or maybe you create explanations as to why other people deserve your anger.

Either way, you’re trying to invent a socially acceptable explanation for your behavior.

The only problem is that it probably isn’t acceptable and all it’s doing is keeping your negative emotions alive and making you miserable in the meantime. 

3. Start Taking Responsibility

Now that you’ve stopped making excuses, it’s time to take some responsibility for yourself and your actions.

As soon as you do this, you will start depriving your negative emotions of the power they hold over you.

4. Rise Above Other People’s Opinions

Don’t let anyone but yourself define your self-image and self-worth.

You need to stop giving them so much power. 

This is important, but if you define yourself through others, you are far more likely to be miserable.

This is because as soon as you hear anything negative, you’re likely to react with anger and embarrassment.

 All of the negativity and hurt actually comes from you.

You need to stop worrying so much about what other people think.

You’ll be much happier for it.

5. Quit Your Negative Habits and Avoid Bad Influences

Some habits and people purely and simply bring you down.negotiate

It may be difficult to do, but you need to remove these things from your life.

Don’t hang around people who are negative all of the time.

Instead, surround yourself with happy and positive people who take joy in life.

You’d be surprised how easily their attitudes can rub off on you.

6. Think Before You Respond

Calm yourself down.

These are some of the questions that you need to start asking yourself before you react negatively to something.

You may just find that you’re grateful that you thought about it before acting. 

7. Be Grateful

Instead of constantly obsessing over how bad your life is, start being grateful.

What are the things or people you have in your life that you can be thankful for?

Start defining your life by the good, as opposed to the bad.

Get into this habit by thinking of at least one thing every day that you’re grateful for.

8. Remove “I Can’t” From Your Vocabulary

This is simple.

Saying “I can’t” to things, including letting go of negative emotions, will make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You can’t because you say you can’t.

Stop placing limitations on yourself and give yourself some credit.

You can if you say you can.

9. Just Let Go

Most importantly, you need to try and let go of your negative emotions. change-courage-city-work-life-motivation-happy-positive

Holding onto them and subsequently applying them to every little thing that goes wrong isn’t healthy.

In fact, it’s dangerous.

Many negative people don’t know how to feel much else and aren’t satisfied unless they have something to whine about.

Ironically, they’re not happy unless they’re unhappy and actually go looking for conflict.

Do you really want to be that person?

If nothing else, it sounds exhausting.

Let it go, people. Just let it go.

Read more at Lifehack.

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You're right Max One of the charecteristics of all high achievers is their persistance

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Excellent article Michael. Its important to be critical at times but its always better to remind yourself that you only get ahead with an attitude to push through and get on with things.

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