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6 things money can’t buy

I've often said that any problem money can solve isn't a problem – and maybe this is true for business and investment matters.

That said, there are still lots of things money can't buy.


You’ll never look back on your life and wish you’d spent more time at work, or reminisce about all the fun times you had literally counting your money.

Sure, we all need money to survive and thrive, but it’s vital we keep a balance between our financial goals and all the things that give true, priceless meaning to our lives.

Money can help solve a lot of problems, but always remember there are some wonderful things money just can’t buy…

1. Money can’t buy happiness

Buying things gives us instant gratification, especially these days when we can purchase items from anywhere in the world from the comfort of the couch, and worry about the cost later, thanks to credit cards and Afterpay.

Sometimes we confuse this dopamine rush with happiness, but it doesn’t last.

I’ll even go out on a limb and say that, even when you’ve spent big bucks doing something that made you happy – like your wedding, or that holiday of a lifetime – it’s the moments that cost nothing at all that stay with you once the credit card has been paid off, like dancing with your dad at the reception, or watching the kids faces light up the first time they made a snowman.

2. Money can’t buy wisdom

You might be able to pre-pay your university course, or attend fancy conferences with experts in your field, but does that equate to real wisdom?

Some of the most brilliant and passionate people you’ll ever meet are those who’ve studied, not at Harvard or Oxford, but at the good old “University of Life”.

Knowledge is about so much more than lectures and textbooks, so get out there and live your life!

3. Money can’t buy good health

HealthSure, money can pay for top-notch insurance and medical care, but it can’t keep you healthy, or alive, indefinitely.

Many people work themselves into the ground in the pursuit of money, at the expense of their own wellbeing.

It often takes a serious illness or injury to stop people in their tracks and force them to reassess their priorities, and sadly for some this wake-up call happens too late.

4. Money can’t buy friendship

If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who’s won the lottery!

Long-lost friends, family members, and the kid who lived next door to you in high school all worm their way out of the woodwork when you suddenly come into a chunk of cash, but that’s not genuine friendship.

No amount of money can buy real friends who’ll laugh and cry with you, keep your darkest secrets, dry your tears with their sleeve and let you share the last slice of cake.

5. Money can’t buy respect

Handshake Hand Holding On Black BackgroundLike friendship, respect is earned – and it’s not transferrable for cash.

There are lots of very wealthy people out there who you probably have no respect for.

You can probably name a couple of tycoons and politicians off the top of your head who are drowning in money, but have zero credibility.

People respect your actions and your values, not your bank balance.

6. Money can’t buy true love

How many movie stars, sportspeople and other rich celebrities do you see in life-long, happy relationships?

Having loads of money doesn’t guarantee their relationships will succeed any more than use mere mortals do – in fact, if anything, it just makes the eventual breakup more expensive and complicated! Money might get you the attention you desire, but it’s for the wrong reasons.

So, what can money buy you?

It buys you freedom and choices – which are some of the most valuable commodities in the world today.

With financial security comes the ability to choose how you spend your time, where you work (and how hard, and for how long), along with myriad other decisions that can make or break the quality of your life.

Money in itself may not make you happy, but it sure does open up some opportunities in this life that can make all the difference in delivering a full, adventurous, and vibrant life.

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