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2 short good news videos to help you get though Coronavirus isolation - featured image
By Michael Yardney

2 short good news videos to help you get though Coronavirus isolation

Coronavirus is a great equaliser.Happy Child Playing Outdoors

It doesn’t care how smart, how rich or how powerful you think you are.

It doesn't seem to care how young or how old you are.

It's making us stay home finding new ways of entertaining ourselves and keeping ourselves sane.

In my attempt to help bring a little fun into your life I'd like you to watch these two short videos that have been inspired by Coronavirus.

  1. One Day More Corona Parody

This is an awesome rendition of the great song from Les Miserable.

One Day More Corona Parody

2. Quarantine Music Video - "Dance Song (for the End of the World)

A great collaboration by artists across 6 continents and 15 countries.

"Dance Song (for the End of the World)" - Lizzy & The Triggermen (Official Music Video)

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Hi Michael just wanted to thank you for your calm commentary as so many predictions of doom and gloom abound. Penelope

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