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12 Online tools and apps for entrepreneurs to succeed in life and business

Most entrepreneurs set off on their own, in order to pursue their dreams and create a more fulfilling life for themselves says...

Gloria KoppGloria

And, when you're an entrepreneur, many times your work and life can easily become intertwined, buttressing one another and providing motivation to succeed.

For an entrepreneur, success in business typically reflects in a more successful life, and vice versa.

Here are a dozen online tools and apps that entrepreneurs can utilize to help increase the success they're able to achieve in both life and in business.


Overcome some of the challenges that many entrepreneurs face, when it comes to working and communicating with other businesses, freelancers, and customers, with the help of Grasshopper.

For entrepreneurs that are always on the go, such as professionals in property investment who always need to be traveling to check out the latest opportunities, Grasshopper makes it easy to keep your existing number while maintaining your brand – and it's all done in the cloud.


Collaborating with others just got a lot easier, regardless of the time difference or distance between you.

Stay organized with Trello, through an incredibly visual platform that lets users quickly see what's happening with the projects they're involved in.

Email Excellenceman-791049_1920

Communication through email has become an essential part of modern business, and whether it's responding to a customer or sending a message to another business, you've got to sound professional, while getting your message across in the clearest way possible.

Email Excellence is the place to go when you need assistance with improving the quality of your email messaging.

Custom essay

Entrepreneurship involves an overwhelming amount of work.

Taking some of that workload off, and outsourcing it to professionals can help free you up to better direct your efforts where they will make more of an impact.

Let the writers at EssayRoo handle your content creation, so you can put your skills to use in developing other areas of your business.

Infusion Soft

Designed with the small business in mind, Infusion Soft can automate the sales and marketing end of your business.

Improve your conversion rates and take advantage of more lead opportunities with the help of this business-building software.

Square iphone-518101_1920

You don't have to have a retail location in order to have your business set up to easily accept payment through debit or credit card.

Square makes payments simple, no matter where you are, with an easy to use card reader that turns any mobile device into a point of sale.

Boomerang for Gmail

With this additional feature for Gmail, you can set up emails to be sent at a future date and time.

You can also set reminders to yourself to follow-up with anyone you haven't heard a response from, so you don't miss any important deadlines that may be looming.

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When you need some help with content creation, the team at Australian Help can offer their professional services.

Sometimes your skills are better used in developing other areas of your business, so having the opportunity to outsource the creation of your written work is a great way to focus your energy on growing your business, while still getting the work done.


Social media presence is a vital component to many businesses these days.

But, staying organized with all of the different social media outlets can take up a lot of time and effort.

Buffer makes it easy to manage everything, by allowing you to schedule future posts, add content simultaneously to all of your social media accounts and engage with your outlets. It can keep you organized, while helping to save you time.


Thousands of available templates and examples make it easy to create detailed diagrams, with real-time collaboration and sharing capabilities.

You're able to use it both online and offline to put together diagrams to help explain complex ideas or strategies.

Diagrams are a wonderful way for a business to convey complex information, such as personal finance, to clients in an easy to understand format.

Mail Chimp

With an overabundance of emails landing in their inboxes on a daily basis, customers will need to see something that truly catches their eyes before it stands out from the rest.

Mail Chimp helps you send better messages through their sophisticated platform, helping to get you the attention you need and boost your conversions and sales.

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Keep the credibility and reputation of your business intact, by ensuring that all of the written content you're putting out is free of careless errors.  keyboard-690066_1920

A professional proofreader from Boom Essays can assist in editing and correcting the mistakes in your work, and can make suggestions for improvement so that your writing is the absolute best it can be.

Entrepreneurship is a tough journey to venture into, and truly takes a complete commitment and dedication in order to survive and succeed.

But, you don't have to be totally on your own.

With the help of these excellent online tools and apps, you can help give your business the best chance possible at success, and have that success reflected in your life overall.

Make the most of the resources available to you, and help grow your entrepreneurship to its maximum potential.

Gloria Kopp is a digital marketer and a business consultant from Sydney. She is a regular contributor to such websites as Assignment helpEssay services, HuffingtonPost, Engadget, etc. Read her latest post here

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