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What Australia can learn from the New Zealand retirement system

While you can’t say one retirement system is better than the other, Australia can learn a lot from New Zealand’s simpler and more flexible system, writes… Ross Guest, Griffith University and Kirsten MacDonald, Griffith University The Australian and New Zealand retirement systems both feature public pensions and private superannuation. But there are things to learn…

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Does becoming an agent help you get ahead as a property investor?

Uncapped income, a plethora of potentially profitable properties at your fingertips and a flash car.  What’s not to love about being a real estate selling agent?  It’s no surprise many property investors, at some stage in their lives, have considered becoming selling agents. Probably because much of their time is spent searching for properties, inspecting…

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Three charts on: how part-time work is growing more slowly, but more men are doing it

Even though the shift towards part-time employment has actually been happening for many years, it now appears to be slowing, writes… Jeff Borland, University of Melbourne Even though part-time work is growing, this growth is slowing over time. Employment figures for the early months of 2017 have shown stronger growth in full-time rather than part-time…


Weekly economic update: It will take more than asking for a pay rise to fix Australia’s wages problem

For a whole lot of workers in Australia, cutting a better pay deal is very hard, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW This week: a break from data reporting to focus on Australia’s dismal wages growth and the productivity paradox behind it. There was a time when speeches by central bankers were definitely boring. Lots of talk…

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Uncertainty isn’t causing slow economic growth, for now

New research shows uncertainty isn’t the cause of slow economic growth – But that could change if the government isn’t clearer about policies, writes… Efrem Castelnuovo, University of Melbourne Uncertainty is widely recognised as a potential drag on economic growth.  Workers who become more uncertain about their future wages reduce spending, for example, and business…


The Australian economy hits another rough patch – implications for investors

In an Oliver’s Insight, Dr. Shane Oliver, chief economist of AMP Capital discusses the state of Australia’s economy.  Despite numerous forecasts for an “unavoidable” recession following the end of the mining boom early this decade, the Australian economy has continued to defy the doomsters and keep growing. However, recently it seems to have hit a bit of…


Young, educated and underemployed: Are we building a nation of PhD baristas?

There are some sage lessons from Canada on what happens when an educated young workforce can’t find work, writes… Usman W. Chohan, UNSW Australia There is a looming fear among young people in the Australian labour market that they will not find jobs commensurate with their educational levels because they are “overqualified”. The economics suggests…

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‘Liveable’ Sydney has clear winners and losers

Justifying Sydney’s ranking as a liveable city requires greater recognition of the inequality of Sydneysiders’ access to jobs, wealth, transport and housing, writes… Roberta Ryan, University of Technology Sydney and Yvette Selim, University of Technology Sydney Sydney is frequently placed in the top ten of global “liveability” rankings. But despite the growing popularity of the…