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Sydneysiders blame foreign investors for high housing prices – survey

Only 18% of Sydneysiders think foreign investors should be able to buy property – They simply don’t accept arguments that this investment improves housing affordability by increasing supply, writes… Dallas Rogers, University of Sydney; Alexandra Wong, Western Sydney University, and Jacqueline Nelson, University of Technology Sydney Sydneysiders are concerned that foreign investors, and particularly Chinese…


The perils of forecasting and the need for a disciplined investment process

In an Oliver’s Insight, Dr. Shane Oliver, chief economist of AMP Capital discusses the challenges and risks of forecasting the economy.  I am regularly called on to provide forecasts for economic and investment variables like growth, interest rates, currencies and the share market.  These usually come in the form of point forecasts as to where the variable…


Weekly economic update: Have we finally reached ‘peak’ house prices?

House prices in Sydney and Melbourne are cooling, housing approvals are up, and everyone’s wondering if Australian banks have been lending too much, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW This week: house prices in Sydney and Melbourne are cooling, housing approvals are up, and everyone’s wondering if Australian banks have been lending too much. In 1956, US…

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The insecurity of private renters – how do they manage it?

Private renters’ security of tenure in Australia has less legal protection than in other countries with high private rental rates – A new study reveals mixed responses to this state of uncertainty, writes… Alan Morris, University of Technology Sydney; Hal Pawson, UNSW, and Kath Hulse, Swinburne University of Technology A growing proportion of Australian households…

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Investors are exploiting returns on debt financing to muscle out home buyers

New research shows the actual returns on equity for housing investors are higher than most people realise – This helps explain why investors are able to out-compete other home buyers, writes… Chyi Lin Lee, Western Sydney University Investors have played an increasingly important role in the Australian housing market in recent years.  Our new, yet-to-be-published…

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Get used to your commute: data confirms houses near jobs are too expensive

Data on housing supply in Australia’s capital shows, while its increasing in areas with lots of jobs, the house prices are too high for those who might want to move for work, writes… Rachel Ong, Curtin University; Christopher Phelps, Curtin University; Gavin Wood, RMIT University, and Steven Rowley, Curtin University Australia’s capital cities are getting…