Who is Wealth Retreat really for? | WR Lesson #4

Have you ever wondered who attends an event like Wealth Retreat?

I know I always did.

I have been attending Wealth Retreat for the best part of 5 years now, but I remember asking that question before my very first Wealth Retreat. Seminar

I questioned my own worth and being an introvert, I also questioned whether or not this was just like one of those “Ra-Ra” seminars.

The truth is, it far exceeded my expectations and lit the spark that saw me transition from a humble Buyers Agent and property investor, to company Director and Property Professional. I know

Michael Yardney gets a real kick out of helping our clients and hearing their feedback and especially listening to what people get out of our Wealth Retreat.

To be honest it is difficult to come away from 5 days of learning, listening, dining and chatting to some of the best mentors in the country without some kind of mind shift.

I thought I would talk to a few participants from this year’s Wealth Retreat, to find out what they got out of it.

The First Timer

Carla initially “ummed and ahhed” and had very high expectations about coming to Wealth Retreat.

She had been to many other different types of Seminars.

Listen as she explains what she got out of the Retreat and her advice for other potential first time attendees.

The Business Owner

It may surprise you but we also get many Business Owners attending the Retreat.

You see, it is so much more than just a property event as we also have Mark Creedon there to assist, with his decades of experience as a Business Coach.

Graham is someone I consider to be a successful business owner, but he continues to self-educate and improve his business.

Graham was also initially sceptical; however, he believes it would make a million dollars difference to his business!

Here are some of Grahams breakthroughs;

The Return Attendee

You are telling me people come back again?

That’s right, around 30% of our audience each year is made up of repeat guests.

Many, like myself have come back multiple times and will return again next year.

It is a great opportunity to refresh and re set for the year ahead.

Glen explains why he came back;

So Who is it for?

Wealth Retreat is definitely not for everybody.

But if you are looking for a breakthrough in your personal life, if you have hit a hurdle with your investing or want to find another level for your business, then don’t rule it out.

The truth is comparing myself to others and having initial doubts is natural, but it is left at Reception once you step through the doors.Talk To Real People

It is about you and your journey, taking time out to better yourself and build yourself up and set course for those goals and dreams that you may put to one side.

The team is there to support you and incredibly, so is everyone else!

It is amazing the feedback we get every year, highlighting the fact some of the biggest breakthroughs come from speaking with other attendees.

And how often do you get to spend 5 days learning and talking with people on the same page – with similar hopes, fears and challenges.


Wealth Retreat is on again next year from June 13 – June 18 2020 on the Gold Coast.

Being some months away now, you have time to prepare, maybe save, but most importantly prioritise.

Click this link now and get an understanding of what lies ahead for you.

I can assure you it will be life changing!


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Brett Warren


Brett Warren is Director of Metropole Properties Brisbane and uses his 13 plus years property investment experience to advise clients how to grow, protect and pass on their build their wealth through property. Visit: Metropole Brisbane

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