Workers are actually feeling less insecure in their jobs

Data show that people don’t feel more insecure in their jobs now – In fact, that feeling is decreasing, writes… Jeff Borland, University of Melbourne Despite many commentators, even the Reserve Bank governor, Philip Lowe, speculating on how Australians are feeling more insecure in their jobs, the data actually show the opposite.   Analysis of…

We are working less while living longer

The ageing of our society raises a host of difficult issues, most of which are studiously avoided by our current crop of populist political leaders. So while they’re building up the courage to confront some ugly economic realities of the ageing of our society, I’d like to add another consideration. It’s a set of numbers…

The Top 10 Jobs In 2050: [video]

Renowned futurist Morris Miselowski predicts that in the next 35 years 60 per cent of us will be doing jobs that don’t exist today. It’s interesting speculating what we will be doing in 2050.  If I’m still around I’ll be 96 and not needing a job. Check out his predictions of the top 10 jobs in the…

Mummy and Daddy Work Too Hard - say Kids

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, Australian children are being affected by the long work hours endured by their parents. A study of 10 and 11 year olds with a working mother or father found that 35% felt their father worked too much and 27% said their mother worked too much. It’s no…

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