property investment mistakes

Be off with you, emotions

I write it myself several times a week, and I see the words over and over – due diligence and ‘don’t let your heart rule your head’. But my goodness it can be tough… The trouble can arise when you’re looking for a property that you’d like to make your home, not now, but at…

What property investors should really worry about

With flat or falling property markets around Australia for the last few years many property investors are worried and wondering: “What will my property be worth next year?” Every Monday they look at the auction clearance results and each month they check on median property values. While it’s not as bad as watching your shares…

Bursting Harry's Property Bubble

Oh Harry… what have you done now? No, not Prince Harry and those Vegas pictures, but Harry Dent – The Doom & Gloom Extraordinaire – who recently wrote in Forbes Magazine, and I quote: …the greatest housing bubble in developed-country cities starts with Brisbane, Australia… Excuse me whilst I look around to check if we…

3 tips to protect property investors in changing times

With ongoing uncertainty about the world’s economies and the fallout for Australia’s economy should China’s rapid development come to a screeching halt, it’s little wonder that some would-be property investors are shying away from our real estate markets at the moment. Consumer confidence is shaky and the thought of taking on a large mortgage is…

7 ways to create wealth in the current economic climate

We’re living in an interesting world aren’t we? Global equity markets are in turmoil, some countries are in recession and others are likely to default on their debts. Fear rules. With uncertainty ahead for some time yet, I’d like to share 7 tips for building wealth in the current challenging economic times. While Australia seems,…

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