The expansion of housing credit continues to slow

The latest housing credit data highlights that annual credit growth is the slowest it has been since late 2013 with investor credit growth the slowest on record. The latest housing credit data released by the Reserve Bank of Australia highlights ongoing sluggish credit growth. From the monthly housing finance data it is clear that demand…

Renovate and prosper

With shows such as ‘The Block’ and ‘House Rules’ inspiring a wave of renovators, many property investors have considered whether they too should do some renovation work to their investment property. Though investors know completing a renovation will add value to their property and possibly even increase the weekly rental value, they are often unaware…

Housing Affordability: Baby Boomers vs. Gen Y

Inter-generational arguments over affordability have again become salient in the media. Characterisations of moaning millennials were made by economist Stephen Koukoulas, prompting a response from young writer Osman Faruqi that baby boomers should choke on my soy flat white. Confusion around the severity of housing affordability arises because dwelling prices change daily, yet the institutional…

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