It’s not really population growth that predicts property demand

There’s been lots written about Australia’s strong population growth and how there’s likely to be twice as many of us in the next 40 to 50 years. Apparently one baby is born every minute and 45 seconds and sadly, someone dies every three and a half minutes. And the net gain from overseas is one…

Is Australia's ageing population a demographic time bomb? [Video]

You’ve often heard me say that demographics drives the property markets…and that’s true. So how is Australia’s ageing population going to affect our markets and our economy? ANZ Chief Economist Richard Yetsengah suggests that maybe it’s time to question conventional wisdom. He says that today’s ageing demographic profile may not necessarily lead to slower growth or…

Do you know the 6 buyer segments in the property markets?

Our demographic shape is changing. A drive through inner Brisbane will find a skyline dotted with cranes, busy at work on many of the city’s new residential towers. It has had us wondering just who is going to occupy all of those little boxes in the sky. Our recent research on Australia’s future demographic shape…

The demographic dividend (40 million)

Last year’s Intergenerational Report projected that the population of Australia will likely expand to around 39.7 million by 2055, while inferring that:  lower immigration would lead to slower economic growth; lower immigration would lead to an ageing population; and lower immigration would lead to lower participation rates (with an adverse consequences the tax take). Recently the Productivity Commission…

Baby Boomers, be nice to your grandkids: they may save Australia

The problem with Australia’s population ageing is not that there are too many older people – it’s that there are not enough young people to support them, that presents many challenges to Australia’s continued…writes By Brendan Churchill, University of Tasmania and Lisa Denny, University of Tasmania The problem with Australia’s population ageing is not that…

Older not wiser

Australia has an ageing society and while living longer is good news for many, there are some major economic issues we need to understand to avert a huge problem in the years to come. According to a recent UN report, roughly half the children born in developed and developing economies after the year 2000 will…

What really drives our property markets? Bernard Salt Explains [Video]

What’s driving our property markets? It’s not really population growth but household formation In this 3-minute video demographer Bernard Salt explains where household formation occurred, where it has been fastest growing and what the effects were. If you’re interested in property investment this discussion of our demographic changes will be fascinating viewing:

A new wave of Seachangers

They say a change is as good as a holiday. A seachange is certainly not a new concept, but now the demographic involved is beginning to shift. In his column in Switzer, John McGrath discovers a new type of Seachanger – the ex-Sydneyite. Here’s what he had to say: Seachanging is a long-held Australian tradition for…