Here’s what’s happening to Australia’s population thanks to Covid


The records continue to tumble when it comes to the impact of the pandemic on Australia’s population. 

The imposition of international border restrictions from March 2020 saw Australia’s population grow by 35,700 people – the slowest pace since at least June 1981 when ABS records began.

Net overseas migration was 95,300 over the year to March, the first decline since 1946.

Unfortunately, the slowest population growth in a century and an extended period of international border closures are constraining our economy, particularly the labour market, given Australia’s aging population.

Population Plunge

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There was a pandemic mini baby boom in the March quarter 2021 with 76,300 births – the most in 18 months.

And while 293,500 babies were born in the year to March, births went down 8,600 or 2.8% over the year.

It is most likely that some couples influenced by difficult economic and health conditions have decided to put off having a child.

Baby BoomThere were 162,500 deaths in the past year, down by 3100 people or 1.9% over the previous year.

Less Deaths

Over the year to March, population growth was strongest in Queensland (0.85%) followed by Western Australia (0.57%).

Nsw And Vic PopulationFewer Overseas Migrants

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Kate Forbes is a National Director Property Strategy at Metropole. She has 15 years of investment experience in financial markets in two continents, is qualified in multiple disciplines and is also a chartered financial analyst (CFA).
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