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Australia’s overseas-born population grows to 29.5% in 2022 - featured image

Australia’s overseas-born population grows to 29.5% in 2022

The overseas-born population in Australia grew by 155,000 people in 2022, increasing to 29.5 per cent of the nation’s total population, according to the latest data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Australia’s Overseas Born Population – Top 10 Countries Of Birth(a)(b)

Jenny Dobak, ABS head of migration statistics, said:

 “On 30 June 2022, Australian residents born overseas made up 7.7 million of Australia’s estimated population of 26 million people. This was an increase of 2.1 per cent from 2021.

Western Australia had the highest proportion born overseas at 34% while Tasmania had the lowest at 16%, in 2021.

Those born in England, India, China and New Zealand were the largest groups of people born overseas nationally, making up over one-third of all migrants living in Australia in 2022.

People born in England continued to be the largest migrant group at 961,000, followed by people born in India, at 754,000.”

The number of people born in England has been steadily declining since reaching a peak of more than a million in 2013.

Meanwhile, the number of people born in India (754,000) and New Zealand (586,000) has reached new highs since their previous respective peaks in 2020 and 2013.

The fastest-growing migrant group in the last decade was people born in India, which grew by 398,000 since 2012.

People born in China followed (191,000), with those born in Nepal making the third-fastest growing birthplace group (120,000).

The median age of the Australian-born population continued to increase, reaching 35 years in 2022, whereas for the overseas-born population it was 45 years. However, this varied considerably depending on the country of birth.

Ms Dobak further said:

"In 2022, of the top 10 countries of birth of the overseas-born population, the migrant group with the oldest median age was from Italy at 73 years, and the group with the youngest median age came from Nepal, at 29 years.

This reflects the changing source countries of Australia’s migrants over many decades."

Australia's overseas-born population — top 10 countries of birth by median age(a)

Median age(c)
Country of birth(b) 2002 2012 2022
England 52 53 59
India 40 32 36
China(d) 41 35 40
New Zealand 38 39 46
Philippines 39 39 41
Vietnam 38 44 48
South Africa 37 40 46
Malaysia 40 39 43
Italy 63 69 73
Nepal 28 28 29
All overseas-born 46 45 45
Australia-born (e) 32 33 35
Total population 36 37 38
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