Another 20 Success Habits of the Rich

Why do the rich keep getting richer?2630176_l

What do successful people do differently?

Being rich has little to do with the money itself.

Instead, it had a lot to do with how you think about money.

So if you want to become rich, one of the first steps is to know how the wealthy think about money differently and how they act around money.

Last week I shared 21 Success Habits of the Rich and it was one of the most read blogs I’ve written all year.

So today I thought I’ll share another 20 Success Habits of the Rich.

But first some background…

Of course not all rich people are successful, and not all successful people are rich, and I’m not making a judgment when I say “rich” people or “poor” people.


These are terms I use to help clarify the different ways of thinking that 1% of Australian’s exhibit from the majority of the population.

However, after studying rich and successful people for over 30 years and now that I’ve mentored over 2,000 successful (and some not so successful) investors, business people and entrepreneurs over the last decade, I’ve noticed some success habits the rich exhibit are very different to the way the average person behaves.

In fact, I’ve documented them in my new book (which is already on the Amazon best selling list) – Michael Yardney’s Guide to Getting Rich.

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Anyway…In my studies I’ve found rich people share similar “success habits.”

While I explain this in some detail in my book, today I’d like to briefly share …

Another 20 Success Habits of the Rich

  1. Successful people ask the right questions –ones which put them in a productive, creative mindset and a positive emotional state. They understand that the better the questions they ask – the better the answers they get and the better the results they achieve.
  2. Successful people have clarity and certainty about what they want (and don’t want) for their learn business tax book school lesson teach smart
    They actually visualize and plan their future while others are merely spectators of life.
  3. While the poor believe rich people are lucky, the Rich know luck has nothing to do with their success.
  4. The Rich are voracious life-long learners.
    They constantly work at educating themselves, sometimes formally and academically; but more often informally by asking, watching, reading or listening and also experimentally by doing, trying, failing and trying again.
  5. Successful people are glass half full people – while still being practical and down-to-earth.
    They have an ability to find the good in everything around them rather than look for faults, problems or stumbling blocks.
  6. Putting it another way…the poor focus on obstacles in their way while the Rich focus on all the opportunities all around them.
  7. While many people are pleasure junkies and avoid pain and discomfort at all costs, successful people understand the value and benefits of working through the tough stuff that most others avoid.”
  8. The poor believe they aren’t worthy of wealth, while the Rich believe they deserve to be rich.
  9. Successful people are adaptable and embrace change.
    They are comfortable with and embrace the new and the unfamiliar, while the majority of us are creatures of comfort and habit.
  10. The poor often resent successful and rich people (you know what I mean…they’re waiting for the property market to collapse on those who’ve worked hard to buy an investment.)
    On the other hand, the Rich admire other rich and successful people.
  11. Successful people don’t believe in, or wait for fate, destiny, chance or luck to determine or shape their future. They believe in, and are committed to actively and consciously creating their own best life.
  12.  The poor think about money emotionally, while the Rich think about money logically. 18341166_l
  13.  Successful people have a plan for their lives and work methodically at turning that plan into a reality.
    Their lives are not a blundering series of unplanned events and outcomes.
  14.  The poor often think that rich people are dishonest, while successful people know that rich people are ambitious
  15.  While the poor believe money is the root of all evil, wealthy people know that poverty is the root of all evil.
  16.  The poor believe money changes people.
    The rich understand that money reveals people.
  17. The poor are worried that if they become rich they will lose their friends.
    The Rich believe being wealthy will expand their network.
  18.  Successful people are resilient.
    When most would throw in the towel, they’re just warming up.
  19.  The poor believe their thinking is unrelated to their net worth.
    Successful people know their mindset is critical to their results.
  20.  Many people believe you have to be educated and smart to be rich.
    Successful people know intelligence has little to do with getting rich, but know they have to be financially fluent

To learn more about the Science of Getting Wealthy click here now and get your own copy of my new book – Michael Yardney’s Guide to Getting Rich.

Why is rich thinking so important?

Our subconscious never sleeps, working tirelessly day in and day out.

It makes up 5/6ths of our brain and controls our breathing, heart, blood flow, metabolism and all our bodily function without any conscious direction on our part.

It is the seat of our emotions and memory and responds to our beliefs.


mind set rich money lesson think motivational learn teach moneyThere is something in our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) that acts as a data filter.

Our brain is constantly bombarded with millions of bits of information coming in from our senses and the RAS filters this data, eliminating most of it, and allowing in only that data the subconscious has been programmed to allow in.

The RAS is what thing that turns the sound down when we’re sleeping, but if you’re a mother it what allows you to sleep through most noises unless you hear your baby cry and then you wake up while your husband soundly sleeps right next to you.

Your RAS helps you tune in and out and it’s your internal goal seeking mechanism.

It’s worth realising…

We all have some of successful (empowering) habits and we all exhibit some disempowering habits.

The big differentiator in the see-saw of life is do you have more of these success habits or more of the disempowering “poor” habits.

Of course true wealth has nothing to do with how much money you have, but if you want to get the financial education you never had I suggest you get a copy of my new book – Michael Yardney’s Guide to Getting Rich.

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Of course there’s a lot more to becoming rich than the way you think, but it’s an important starting point.

Find out more in my book; click here now and get your copy.



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'Another 20 Success Habits of the Rich' have 5 comments

  1. Avatar for Property Update

    June 2, 2016 @ 10:51 am Ray

    I think poverty for some people, especially in the developed world, are self-inflicted. It’s like they cannot comprehend what to do when they have money in their pockets, like they actually FEAR money. They seem to manage to get through day-by-day, but if you hand them $1000, it doesn’t take that long for it to disappear. How? Why?
    I think, if we gather all the wealth in the world and divide equally, everyone would be well off, but it wont take long for the wealth to ‘flow back to the original owners’. Obviously, it shouldn’t happen. The workforce is motivated to work by the lack of money, to keep the economy going. A lot of lottery winners quit their job or go on a ‘deserved’ holiday when they come into money. So if a lot of ‘poor’ receive money suddenly, the economy to grind to a halt.


  2. Avatar for Property Update

    June 1, 2016 @ 11:18 am Kevin

    Hi Michael,
    Just a few thoughts on your great article.
    Poverty in itself is not the root of all evil, having worked with some really poor communities in places like India, Myanmar and Philippines, I have seen first hand how even with very little they can still have a happy and full life. But what I have observed is that ” the love of money is the root to all evil” which is the quote from the bible.
    I’ve seen rich people so consumed with getting richer, that they stop at nothing to achieve it, I have also seen the poor so lusting for money that like Victoria wrote they have a welfare mentality or the world owes them, but without actually doing anything to help themselves.
    Just for a bit of context, there are about 3 billion people in the world that earn less than $2 a day.


    • Avatar for Property Update

      June 1, 2016 @ 2:27 pm Michael Yardney

      Thanks for that great input Kevin.
      Clearly money is important in thoe areas of your life where it is important, and not at all important in areas where it is not importnant


  3. Avatar for Property Update

    December 11, 2015 @ 7:32 am Victoria

    Hi Michael
    I particularly like the idea you put forward that poverty is the root of all evil. So well put. You are one of those that believes it is far more empowering to teach a man to fish.
    Sadly, a Robin Hood mentality is the order of the day in a society at present. However, trying to bridge the gap of inequality will never be achieved in this way. A societal philosophical change in thought patterns would likely more quickly bridge this gap. Welfare is a privilege, not a right (and in my opinion it should be reserved for those who genuinely cannot help themselves).
    Most of the wealthy I know love to share, especially their knowledge (teaching a man to fish).
    I have observed over the years that generally, people I know who have multiple properties do not share this fact with family, friends and fellow employees for fear of being treated differently. Past experience has taught them that they will be alienated. However there is a certain joy to be had when eagle meets eagle, or the student finds the teacher!
    Many thanks Michael for sharing your experience and knowledge. It is always very inspiring.


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