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7 Habits of highly successful people

Success isn’t genetic.

And it’s not something that simply ‘happens’ to lucky people. success invest

Instead, it’s a result of the everyday habits that give successful people the ability to achieve greatness.

Put it this way: they didn’t become successful from binge-watching Netflix on the sofa all weekend.

Habits that underpin success (no matter what your definition of success is or what your book aims to achieve) aren’t difficult to incorporate into your everyday life.

Today I’m going to share 7 habits of highly successful people.

Now that’s a great name for a book – in fact, Steven Covey wrote a great book with that title, didn’t he?

Here are seven different habits…

Just try them for a month – which is about how long it takes to create a new habit – and see the results for yourself.

Habit #1: Writing out a ‘why’

Successful people have a driving force.

It’s their motivation for getting up in the morning when they’re exhausted, for going that extra mile, for sacrificing fun for the sake of forward momentum.

Write out your ‘why’ in a prominent place so you can see it every day.

Your motivation might be a long-term one such as financial freedom or more medium term such as s a new to own a new home, or afford better accommodation for your aging parents, or send your kids to private school.

Habit #2: Investing in self-education

A growth mindset is vital for success.

Reading educational books, taking courses and finding a mentor are easy ways to grow your thinking, your knowledge and your experience.

Of course, reading a novel for fun or watching a movie is fine – just make sure that you’re allocating time to improving yourself as well.

This improves your character and resilience and gives you the confidence to carry on when things get a little tough.

Habit #3: Being persistent and patient

Having persistence and patience means learning that no isn’t “no” – it’s just ‘not now.’ 36851472 L

It’s also vital that you have your ‘why’ in place to be able to press on even when you’re hitting wall after wall.

Learning to persevere despite setbacks is fundamental to success.

Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

I think we can trust the man who invented the motion picture camera and the lightbulb – without which, our world would be a very different place.

Habit #4: Refusing to indulge in negative self-talk

Along with persistence, you need positivity.

Giving in to feelings of inadequacy, fear and pessimism will only hold you back from achieving what you want.

If a mortgage broker tells you you’re maxed out financially, devise a plan to increase your income, or maximise the equity on your existing properties, or look for a business partner.

Practice taking hold of negative thoughts and turning them into positives.

Habit #5: Eat the frog every day

An odd expression, but a brilliant one.

It was first phrased by Mark Twain, who said, “if it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.

And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

Luckily, the expression is a metaphor.

Do the thing you dread first, then move on to the easier jobs.

If the job you dread seems too large to tackle, break it down into smaller jobs that you can tick off as you go.

Once you’ve eaten the frog, you’ll find your day is much more productive.

Habit #6: Clear your mind and body

Exercise might not be your cup of tea, but spending time focusing on your physical self promotes clearer thinking and boosts your vitality.

A gym session, a brisk walk, a stroll along the beach, a yoga class or a team sport; the activity isn’t as important as the mental break you get from exercising your body too.

Habit #7: Get up a little bit earlier clock-650753_1920

People balk at this one, but science has proven that mornings are our most productive time of the day.

Getting up just a little bit earlier gives you the space to put all of your new habits into use: spend the time making a to-do list, breaking big jobs into small tasks, thinking of creative solutions, or daydreaming about your why.

We live in a busy, non-stop world, so the best way to make sure you achieve your goals is to carve out constructive time to make it happen.

Now it’s up to you.

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Note: You don’t need to tackle these all at once: just like adapting your diet or getting into a new exercise routine, slow and steady change is most likely to make the biggest and most lasting impact.

Try adopting one or two of these new habits into your daily life and see what newfound experiences unfold.

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