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By Mark Creedon

22 habits of exceptionally successful people

Success means different things to different people, but there are some timeless truths about what it takes to get to the top.

One of the most successful books of all time about success was written nearly 80 years ago by a journalist called Napoleon Hill and it was called "Think and Grow Rich".


In the book, and further texts and lecture series, Hill further explored the traits that lead to exceptional success.

Here are 22 of them….

1. They have a purpose

According to Hill, the majority of people in this world could be very successful if they would just make up their minds about how much success they wanted and on what terms they wanted to evaluate success.

2. They understand their motives

The most successful people are always aware of why they have their goals and are driven by this passion and this passion alone.

3. They seek other smart people

At the top of any industry, there are often big egos, but the ultra-successful seek out other smart people whose capabilities and talents complement their own.

4. Self-reliance

The upper-echelon of successful people have a degree of self-reliance that allows them to pursue their definite purpose regardless of any circumstances or naysayers.

5. They exhibit self-control

Exceptionally successful people know how to control their emotions, not letting disappointments crush their spirits or achievements lead to cockiness.

They understand that self-control is a muscle, which when exercised gets stronger.

They know that pursuing a dream and the goals around a dream increase self-control.

6. They don't give up

Hill says it’s necessary to not only withstand difficulty but to use your setbacks as motivation to try even harder.

1 Give Up Or Try Again

7. They find productive uses for their creativity

Successful people make an impact on the world by finding ways to direct their imagination to “definite and constructive ends”.

8. They are decision-makers

Making clear-cut decisions quickly is a calling card of successful people.

Not only are they able to make decisions easily, but they also stand by them.

9. Information gathering

Another sign of a successful person is that they're not quick to judge others.

Instead, they independently gather all of the information they need about a person or a topic before forming an opinion.


10. Enthusiastic but not overly

When it comes to success, many of the top operators are salespersons of a sort.

The key difference, however, is that they can communicate their enthusiasm without overdoing it!

11. They are open

According to Hill, to be a great thinker, you need to have an open mind on all subjects and all people.

12. They practice diplomacy

The exceptionally successful are tactful with everyone they speak with and always maintain a polite and cool air.

This ensures that staff are more likely to go over and above for them, and they are generally also well-liked.

13. They are active listeners

The most successful people don’t use conversations to fuel their own self-worth, but rather as a way of learning from another person.

14. Details matter

“A good executive or a good leader is a person who observes all the things that are happening around him, the good things and the bad things, the positives and the negatives,” Hill says.

15. They are not afraid of criticism

Hill says if you aspire to do something noteworthy in your field, you will draw criticism regardless of who you are or how well you do your job.

Exceptionally successful people aren’t overly concerned with critical remarks, but they do pay attention to ones that have merit and learn lessons from them.

16. They practice loyalty

When it comes to loyalty, successful people understand who has a right to theirs.

This may be someone who helped them climb the ladder or who acted as a mentor to them, but no matter how successful they become they remember and respect that person and remain loyal to them.

17. Charisma goes a long way

Charismatic people aren't born that way.

Instead, they adopt the practices of listening closely to whoever is speaking as well as being sympathetic to their perspectives.

18. They never lose focus

The best leaders focus their attention and energy on a single project at a time.

According to Hill, concentrated effort gives one power that can be attained in no other way.


19. They learn from their mistakes

A key difference between those who achieve their purpose and those who fall short is the perception of mistakes as worthwhile educational experiences rather than humiliating failures.

Property investors, for example, many have solely chased cash flow properties without understanding the long-term benefits of capital growth.

20. They accept responsibility

Real leaders privately address their subordinates’ mistakes with them, but take the blame publicly without dissent.

When you lead a group of people, they become reflections of yourself.

21. They're not jealous

Exceptionally successful people are comfortable with themselves and don't seek praise from others or become jealous at their peer's success.

They do, however, build strong relationships and inspire their team members by recognising the good work of others.

22. They don’t make excuses

According to Hill, success requires no explanations; failure permits no alibis.

There you have it – 22 habits of exceptionally successful people.

Are there any others you can think of?

If so please leave your comments below.

About Mark Creedon Mark Creedon is Director of Metropole's Business Accelerator Mastermind and business coach to some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs - each who call him their "unreasonable friend"
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