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[video] Houses keep bouncing up – Mid Month Market Update – Tim Lawless

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Some more good new for those interested in property investment…

RP Data’s analysis of daily index movements shows that dwelling values are continuing to rise further in april with the five city aggregate index rising by half a percent by over the first 16 days of the month.

This short video gives the details… [Read more...]

Inflation remains contained within the RBAs target range- Cameron Kusher

market update house

The data in the Consumer Price Index for March from the ABS showed that over the first quarter of the year inflation was recorded at 0.6%, down from 0.8% over the final quarter of last year. 

Over the past year, inflation has been recorded at 2.9%.  The Reserve Bank (RBA) has an annual inflation target of between 2% to 3% over the medium term and although the reading is at the higher end of that band it is still within the range. [Read more...]

The path along the road to success will be littered with stumbling blocks


Over the last few weeks two friends, both “high performing” sales people, who expressed a burning desire to succeed in life and in their careers, quit there jobs.

Things got a bit tough and they gave up. Couldn’t hack it any more!

I’ve seen much the same happen to property investors when the economy or the markets put stumbling blocks in their way.

Yet these investors and my friends expressed a strong “desire” to succeed and if you’d asked them a while a go they were “sure they would succeed”.

So what happened? [Read more...]

[video] Westpac Economic Update April 2014 – Bill Evans

investment property 2

In this video Bill Evans, chief economist of Westpac, discusses what he describes as the most important data release this year – the March quarter inflation report.

He also discusses his revised forecast for interest rates and expectations for the Australian dollar. [Read more...]

How High School Maths Can Help Property Investors– Pete Wargent


A life of Pi

One of the ways to pass time in Year 9 maths was to try to memorise the number Pi (π) to as many digits as possible. Clearly I must have been very bored in maths lessons as I can still recite Pi to quite a few digits: 3.14159265…it’s one of those magic numbers which never repeats…even if you go past 100,000 digits.

To my knowledge, I’ve never had a single practical use for this information…until now! [Read more...]

8 things you probably didn’t know happen to you when you’re anxious


We all get stressed at time, whether it’s work, business, family or the hassles of property investment.

Of course the sensation of anxiety is an in built protective mechanism – it tells us we’re in danger and we need to do something – it’s sometimes called the “fight or flight” mechanism – you either have to fight your way out of trouble, or run away.

Jeremy Dean, a psychologist and the author of PsyBlog explains 8 fascinating facts about anxiety you probably didn’t know: [Read more...]

The 4 Steps to Financial Independence

bucket money

With our property markets booming in many parts of Australia and the media reminding us that some properties are increasing in value by over $1,000 a week a whole new generation of Australians are choosing to invest in property to develop a degree of financial freedom and get themselves out of the rat race. 

Some will make it; but many won’t.

So let’s look at what financial independence really means and then I’ll explain what I think it takes to get there. [Read more...]

[Video] The latest property news with Kevin Turner | 23rd April

property bubble 2013

In this week’s two minute property investment news video: warnings that a dangerous real estate bubble might be emerging in Sydney and Melbourne, Aussie teens are having a way better time than other kids & more. [Read more...]

How important is transport infrastructure for property investors?- Damian Collins

best time to buy property

Why is transport infrastructure so important for property investors? And what type of projects can typically impact on property prices the most?

In recent months, our various state governments has announced a number of significant investments in transport infrastructure. This may have pricked the ears of some property investors who recognise the importance of these projects in determining future property hotspots.

These developments generate demand for housing and can cause price rises in adjacent suburbs.

Sometimes the benefit to an area is obvious, other times only the truly astute investors will recognise the flow-on effects. [Read more...]

8 Bad Habits You Should Cut Out Of Your Life


You can’t control everything in life but you certainly can control how you think about things.

And when you change your thinking, you change the actions you take which changes the results you get in your life.

The successful property investors I see understand this important concept and realise they are the pilots of their lives – rather than being a passenger. They make things happen rather than just allowing things to happen to them. Thye;ve formed good habits in they way they think and the actions they take.

Siobhan Harmer wrote a list of 8 habits you’d be better off without. Here it is:

[Read more...]


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