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What would you be doing as a career if money were no object [video]

property investment psychology

I was recently sent this video by a subscriber to my blog which really got me thinking… What would you like to do if money were no object?

How would you really enjoy spending your life?

Enjoy this 3 minute video- it may also get you thinking.

I know why I’m doing what I’m doing in life and I also know the advice I gave my children when they were looking for a career.

What about you? [Read more...]

The 20 Traits All Happy People Share [infographic]

smile 2

If you think being happy is something that happens as a result of having lots of money or because of your circumstances think again.

Happiness is a mindset and that’s why you’ll find all happy people share the following 20 traits: [Read more...]

Melbourne & Sydney are the only cities where rents are rising.- Andrew Wilson


The APM Rental Report for the March quarter shows that rents around Australia are either static or have slid backwards in every capital city except Sydney and Melbourne.

Melbourne house rents went up 1.3 per cent with apartments up 4.3 per cent. And Sydney’s apartment rents went up 1 per cent over the quarter.

The rest of the country had no rental growth or falling rents. [Read more...]

What are the risks of our property markets crashing?- Pete Wargent


As our real estate markets reach new highs, more people are talking of an impending property crash, so today let’s examine what could cause this to happen.

It’s traditionally said that property crash risks are heightened by:- [Read more...]

What does $1million buy you in the Sydney property market? George Raptis

bucket money

The Sydney Morning Herald explains that $1million dollars does not buy you much in Sydney anymore.

So what does that mean for real estate investors? Is it too late to get into the Sydney property market?

First let’s see what they said, and then I’ll share some thoughts with you at the end: [Read more...]

First home buyers are being pushed out of the market by ugly greedy property investors


If you believed what you read in the papers you’d think that first home buyers (FHBs) are being pushed out of the market by ugly greedy property investors, many of them from overseas.

After all… currently our property markets are booming and the chart below clearly shows that first home buyers numbers (based on finance approvals) are at an all time low at a time when investors make up a significant proportion of the buyers. [Read more...]

7 questions to evaluate 2014


We’re heading into the second third of 2014, which is why in today’s message I’m going to share a series of questions designed to help you evaluate and glean the lessons and meaning of the last four months of you.

[Read more...]

[Video] The latest property news with Kevin Turner | 16th April


In this week’s two minute property investment news video: buyers confident about spending more in QLD, NSW Government is challenged to advertise auction reserve prices and more. [Read more...]

Housing market outlook from March results- Cameron Kusher


It’s been a busy time across the property market with the release of the RP Data Rismark March Home Value results coinciding on Tuesday last week with the RBA’s announcement on interest rates. 

Fortunately, both results delivered good news; an increase in values of 2.3% in March across the combined capital cities and the RBA announcing that interest rates will remain on at 2.5 per cent for its seventh consecutive month. [Read more...]

This Week’s Summary Of Property News- Michael Matusik


This week’s wrap – Location trumps size; NRAS on ice; Miners edgy; China bracing for new lows; Sales pests; Brisbane apartments; Flood-prone suburbs. And lucky last. …Brisbane, a slow-burner. [Read more...]


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