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You’ll never believe how much Google knows about you [Infographic] - featured image
By Michael Yardney

You’ll never believe how much Google knows about you [Infographic]

It’s no secret that Google knows a lot about its users.

But as I looked into this topic a bit further I found out Google knows a lot more about me (and you) than you probably think it does.   metropole

Today’s infographic comes to us from TheBestVPN and it shows what Google knows about you, how the tech giant gathers that information, and a few solutions to stop Google from tracking you.

As a quick sampler, as I read about this idea, I discovered Google knows a lot about me include my age and my recent Google web searches, the websites I've visited and the You Tube videos I've watched.

I don't have an Android phone otherwise it would know a lot more about me including exactly where I've been over the past several years.

Through its various apps and services, Google can craft a robust profile on you and your activity on the internet.

Google, like Facebook, uses this personal information to target customised advertisements for you, but my friend Chris (the conspiracy theorist) tells me there's a deeper darker agenda.

So at the bottom of the infographic I give you details of an article on CNBC that will show you how to find out exactly what Google knows about you and how you can limit this.

And then, don't forget FaceBook and Apple are also watching you.

What Google Knows About You

If you want to find out what Google knows about you and limit the data it collects read this article - it's got some useful links.

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