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The differences between successful and unsuccessful people

Ever sat and really thought about the traits, values and differences between successful and unsuccessful people?

It may seem obvious – successful people are, well, successful!

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They’re often confident, polished and assertive, with the warmth and charm to influence others.

However, when you study what really makes successful people successful, there are a few simple yet important behaviours and traits they exude, which differentiate them from the crowd.

Traits like…

Successful people embrace change, rather than fear it.

This is one of the hardest things anyone can do.

Uncertainty does not necessarily gel well with the human spirit, however, in the current business and technology climate  – which is evolving daily – those who can grasp and manipulate change to their advantage are undoubtedly far more successful.

The world is moving at such an accelerated pace, and those who choose to embrace rather than fear or hide from these changes, and learn how to harness them for their own advantage, will be far more successful in the long term.

Successful people talk, share and encourage ideas with others.

Unsuccessful people talk about others.

Successful people are idea-sharers who enable growth and collaborative thought.

They see the benefit in the adage of ‘two heads are better than one' and seek to bounce ideas off others to enhance the outcome.

Unsuccessful people find it too easy to be consumed by and talk about others – which will result in getting nowhere.

They spend time focusing on the perceived failings of others, rather than the benefit that may be gained from involving them in the process.

Successful people take responsibility for their failures and don’t seek to blame others.

Truly successful people experience an excess of ups and downs in their lives and careers but one thing is always clear: they accept responsibility for their actions, both failures and successes.

They realise that no good ever comes from blaming others, and they recognise the value of standing up and owning their mistakes and missteps.

On the other hand, unsuccessful people will readily play the victim.

They tend to manifest the failings of others to the point that they cannot see any fault of their own and therefore miss out on the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed themselves.

Successful people give others credit, while unsuccessful people take all the credit.

One of the most significant traits of a successful person is that of being selfless.

At the same time, they also know when to be selfish – but that’s a whole other post!

Allowing your team to have their moment to shine is an effective management tool that fosters a team who are prepared to work harder, and be more committed.

Business Teamwork, Success And Strategy Concept

This is why successful people are more than happy to share the praise with those around them.

Those who don’t have a positive, abundance mindset take the opposite approach and will greedily hog all of the credit for themselves, failing to see the value in a shared win. 

Successful people take pride in themselves and want others to succeed.

It is really simple on paper, yet is not very common in practice.

Lifting others up?

Celebrating their wins?

Basking in their glory and congratulating them on their hard work?

These are all behaviours of a successful person – someone who is confident enough in their own lives to not be threatened by the success of others.

Successful people are continuously learning.


Because there are always opportunities to pivot, grow, evolve, adapt and improve the way things are done.

Successful people personify the concept of ‘continued learning’ on a daily basis, whether it is seeking learning from those around them, learning in a formal education setting, or growing and diversifying their skills.


And let’s be clear: learning could be as simple as keeping an eye on the news and staying updated on economic trends and worldly events.

It’s all about mindset, and when you have an attitude that prompts you to stay open, you’re in a state that is ready to accept opportunities.

Successful people possess many characteristics that ensure they achieve on a daily basis and reach their goals.

Being happy within yourself, sharing your wins and experiences, being giving with your knowledge, and above all having the drive to go out and get it done is the basis for setting yourself up to become the very best version of yourself.

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